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Saturday, March 21, 2020


In the Beforetimes, we called a compilation like this a mixtape, which ya know is a collection of songs you made on a dual cassette deck and gave to a friend or a girl you liked. Nowadays a mixtape is a collection of songs with unlicensed samples, so in keeping with the times I've called this a compilation as if it's something official put out by a label. But between you and me, it's what us kids in the 80s and 90s called a mixtape. 22 tracks, an hour and thirty minutes, of previously unreleased and released tracks from the world's finest temporary shut-ins!

Thanks to all of the artists who contributed. I should be able to do a second one of these...shoot me an email at matt at clean nice quiet dot com if you want a song on the next Weird Bummer comp.

1. Highway Robbery: “Bucktown Special” (Dec. 2019 Demos, 2019)

2. GAR GAR: “Amoeba” (unreleased, from forthcoming album GAR GAR!)

3. Thin Skin: “Pork Fat (A Take On the American Experience Through Robert Lapage) (I Stole This Off The Internet, 2018)

4. Haq: “Dustboy Horrorshow” (Evaporator, 2019)

5. Andrew Anderson: “Day IV: Crooked Mile” (Music Album Idea, 2020)

6. Threat. Meet. Protocol.: “!​@​%​#?” (Mindless Consumption, 2017)

7. Hench: “Fine” (The End is OK, 2019)

8. The Bordellos with Dee Claw: “Melancholia” (unreleased track, 2017 and 2020)

9. Espuelérico: “¡Que Difícil!” (digital single, 2020)

10. Fantasy Creeps: “Crisis Tour” (digital single, 2017)

11. Circus WorlD: “The Black Earth” (unreleased, 20__)

12. This Heel: “Fly Me Back To Suspended Animation” (digital single, 2020)

13. Mirror Box: “Destabilizing Agent” (Minimal Compliance, 2018)

14. Harold Nono: “Let The Light In (Prince of Darkness)” (We’re Almost Home, 2020)

15. Damien Youth: “Mr. Serendipity (A Monster’s Theme)” (The Citizen, 2011)

16. Postcode: “Broken” (Zebratronic, 2014)

17. Nanaki: “As We Fade” (Epilogue, 2018):

18. Chained Bliss: “Mirrors” (Stained Red Promo CS, 2019)

19. The Morning Brains: “Clowns On Speed” (unreleased track, 2003)

20. Drewid + Chadtastic: “Sick” (unreleased track, 2013)

21. Occult Character: “Social Distances” (digital single, 2020)

22. The Legless Crabs: “Shutdown” (digital single, 2020)