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Friday, March 20, 2020

Bandcamp Waiving Their Vig for Friday 3/20/2020

Hope everyone is safe and well. Remain indoors the best you can, and wash your damn hands! We, humanity I mean, can whip this thing if we stick together (which ironically means giving each other a wide berth right now) and don't panic.

With Bandcamp waiving their vig today until midnight PST, I figured it's high time I pick up a few things I've been meaning to buy. I actually haven't bought anything on Bandcamp in a while. So here's what I purchased tonight:

First up, a rockin' instrumental single from Sweden's Martin Månsson Sjöstrand. If you're a loyal CNQ-er you may know Martin from one of my fave bands, This Heel, who I feature on the blog and the podcast frequently.

The UK's Brian Bordello has been busy recently, first with the 5 track Liverpool Hipster Scene EP, from Metal Postcard Records. I listened to this in the car a while back and I'm always blown away by Brian's honest, raw talent at getting to the meat and bone of a song. He followed that up shortly with a CD release from Wormhole World, a project called Idiot Blur Fanboy. The Idiot Blur Fanboy album is called "Oasis Are the Enemy," it's 11 songs, around 30 minutes of incredible no-fi. Brian is my underground hero, every release of his is as important as the last:

Also from Metal Postcard Records, and Bordellos adjacent, is Beauty Stab with a 3 track EP called "O Eden." Gorgeous, super-sexy lo-fi synth-pop/post-punk from a two piece out of the UK, and one of the members is Brian Bordello's son, Dan Shea. Dan is in the Bordellos with his dad, and was also in a band called Vukovar. Dan has a silky, resonant af voice and he and B. Preston, the other member of the duo, just knocked it out of the park with these three songs. This came out in March of 2019 and I've been meaning to buy it for, clearly, a year.

I've been meaning to pick up the latest Boys' Age releases, as he's been busy. Japan's Boys Age cranks out excellent warped guitar-based damaged pop. Here's his two most recent singles:

Richter Scale is a punk label out of the UK and you can get all of their 32 releases for $15 U.S. dollars. Here's a sampler from their most recent releases, hardcore, noisey stuff. Love it. Why would you not shell out $15 for this?:

This brings me to the end of my spending spree -- the new album from St. Louis' Fried E/M, off of Lumpy Records. That's Lumpy from Lumpy and the Dumpers on drums. We got to see these guys in a little taco place (Killer's Tacos) up in Denton a year or so ago. Impressive, high energy performance. I just ordered the vinyl for this -- I'll be hosing it down with Lysol and placing it in quarantine when it arrives:

You should also order a print from Fort Worth's incomparable Jack Daw Folk Art!