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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Santa Sprees and Romeo Rucha

I drag my feet on CNQ. I feel like Bandcamp has gotten pretty good with Bandcamp Daily. There's a few weekly or monthly mixes via either Spotify or Mixcloud that are better than the occassional comp I'll post, and they have a bigger reach. And there are various freeform radio shows that are now available via the Internet. So, as I've been wondering for a few years now, what am I doing here, exactly? The last time I wondered this aloud in a blog post, I thought oh, to set CNQ apart, to do something different, I'll talk about video games, or books or comics, or even politics, or maybe try to move the acrylics I was cranking out last year. But nah.

I like to write, I really do. From when I was a kid all up thru my twenties I wanted to be a writer. I finally realized I don't have the patience.

To paraphrase Bob Pollard, all I really wanna do is drink, and rock.

Here recently I was exposed to Santa Sprees and my desire to post was reinvigorated. So let's get down to it. Santa Sprees is an Anglo-Japanese primitive avant bubblegum duo, and their new 43 track album "Sum Total of Insolent Blank," is a must-listen. It's 90 plus minutes so it is a time investement, but very well worth it.

From 2019's "Robe Phase Once Abandoned":

And this is from their first Bandcamp release in 2018, "The Future Knows Best."

You can get all three albums for a little over $8 USD, and the first 50 purchases of "Sum Total of Insolent Blank" get art from Anthony Dolphin, and a song dedicated to them. Cool stuff.

Anthony turned me on to this as well. Sound collage, Negativland type weirdness. Facts don't lie: