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Monday, August 10, 2020

Big $ilky (Chicago, hip-hop), Marlowe (North Carolina, hip-hop), Weird Flex (Houston, hc punk), Science Man (Buffalo, noise punk), and Gabríel Ólafs (Reykjavík, classical piano)

I meant to post for Bandcamp's no vig Friday last week, but I mean to do a lot of things that I don't get around to. Here's new stuff from Bandcamp I've been listening to lately:

Female rap duo Big $ilky's 7 track digital release "Big $ilky Vol. 1" is a must have for hip-hop fans. I think they're based in Chicago. Psalm One and Angel Davanport just knock it out of the park with this, released back in April. There's already a volume 2 out, released in July, so I'm way behind.

Bandcamp Daily also has a post featuring essential tracks from Psalm One today. But just for the record, I was planning on doing this post a week ago. 

Marlowe is also a rap duo, producer L'Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham. Based in North Carolina, their new full length, Marlowe 2, released on August 7, is the good stuff:

Weird Flex is a Houston punk duo and their new 5 song digital release "...But Ok" is a great indictment on our current state of affairs...

Coming out on 7" vinyl on the 21st of this month, and limited to 250 copies, "Match Game" by Buffalo, New York's Science Man is available on Bandcamp, 9 short blasts of noise punk that I am definetly into:

And finally, released back in May, from young Icelandic composer Gabríel Ólafs, a mesmerizing 8 song digital release of brief piano arrangements: