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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Catching Up

Been enjoying the fact TT.FM is back. Playing a little catch-up tonight. Better late than never.

From the EP "Coming Soon to an Alley Near You," released back in December. Toronto-based hardcore, super-cool:

Dream Society Records is a new Amsterdam-based "female-lead yin label," headed by artist/producer Bloom De Wilde. Here's a 10 track introduction to the label, featuring my main man Brian Bordello on one track. Great stuff:

Mother Water House is from Austin. "no.angel" seems 80s goth inspired, until it gets heavy and becomes its own thing. I love it. "The only angel here is Abandon" is a great line:

Blues rock usually not my thing recorded, but I enjoy seeing it live. There's nothing wrong with this, Jacob Green is from Vermont, and this is from the album "Little Courage," released February 2020:

From the same promoter, Ryan Summers is from Wisconsin and while the album on first listen isn't for me, this track caught my ear. Released back in October, the album "captures his experiences deprogramming from an internet cult over a decade ago," which is interesting:

Epilogues is from Leeds, and this track is from an EP called "me," which was released back in November. Subtle singer-songwriter type stuff, highly enjoyable:

Pleasant pop from Manchester: