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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

HC from Argentina, Noise Rock from Germany, Indie from Chicago, Alt-Pop from the Netherlands, and new Genghis Tron from Poughkeepsie

This post wraps up me playing catch up from being on hiatus. If you would like to submit something to CNQ for future posts, I'll be more inclined to listen and share if you send me a Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Youtube link to matt at clean nice quiet dot com. I get contacted on the CNQ Facebook Messenger page a lot, but it's easy for me to miss those, just a heads up. I'm not on Twitter anymore, or Instagram or any of the Tick Tocks. Just not my thing. I shouldn't even be on Facebook, that company is swine. But, there's no ethical consumption in capitalism, yadda yadda.

I get requests for me to review an album and I'll mention once again, I'm probably not going to do that. I mean I might, if I get a wild hair, but in general if you submit something I like, I'll share it here with a quick sentence of who the artist(s) be, where they're from, what it sounds like, and that link to your baller-ass sound.

If it's not for CNQ I may or may not respond, apologies one way or the other. But if I don't respond about one thing you send me, please feel free to continue to contact me if you have something else you want me to check out. I enjoy a variety of music and if one thing you submit isn't for CNQ, that doesn't mean the next thing won't be.

And then you'll get listened to by all 4 or 5 of CNQ's dedicated readers/listeners (that number includes me).

Let's get to it:

6 song demo from 2020, Argentina's Emboscada is raw hc done right:

BITE is quality noise-rock from Münster, Germany. This is off a 6 song album released in November 2020 called "Never Satisfied," and you can still get the CD or cassette release, or digital from Bandcamp, of course:

Rick Treffers is a Dutch singer-songwriter and this single released digitally on Bandcamp back in February is choice:

Here's another track from Treffers released this month, "The Best of Your Days." Very pleasing alt-pop from a forthcoming album called "Looking for a Place to Stay." I'll be digging into Treffers' back catalog moving forward for sure, and this makes me very interested in what the new album will sound like. Fans of Belle and Sebastian take note:

Chicago's Nonagon is a three piece outfit who just released their new album "They Birds" on Controlled Burn Records earlier this month. 12 songs of righteous late 90s-inspired indie, reminds me of Cap'N Jazz and what they used to call emo before the kids made that tag mean something different:

In the mail today I received this new Genghis Tron, "Dream Weapon," on vinyl from Relapse Records. It's the Macha-est thing since the last Macha album, however long ago that was. Previous Genghis Tron I've not been able to grok; this, however, I can really get behind. Maybe it's the new singer:

There was a Nintendo game called Ghengis Khan that I loved to play as a kid. I would stay up all night playing that game, finally fall asleep, and then wake up and play it some more. Loved it.