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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Rad Stuff from the Netherlands: Mone, Fleur, Les Robots; Lo-Fi Rock'n'Roll from Portland (Girlsville); and CNQ fave Boys Age (Japan)

I've been having fun posting, so here's another one.

Mone is a Dutch alt-pop artist. "Rat" is from an upcoming album "Crocodile Kisses," to be released on Famous Gold Watch Records. Cool stuff:

Les Robots are a Dutch instrumental rock duo who teamed up with Dutch singer Floor Elman aka "Fleur" to make a really amazing neo-ye-ye album. Back in June 2020, Spanish label Bickerton released this, and now Richmond, Virginia's 6131 Records has a stateside pressing available for pre-sale, featuring updated artwork and insert, with a newly added b-side, previously only available on a 7" single. It's great, check it out:

Les Robots' last release on Bandcamp was August 2020, Project World Control. Just absolutely rad instrumental rock'n'roll -- vinyl tapes, and CDs still available:

Portland's Girlsville has a great new release called Spoiled Legacy you should check out if you're into lo-fi alt-rock. They say it's a domestic U.S. release of a Germ House tape that came out on German label Detriti Records in 2020, and the Girlsville version adds 7 compilation rarities to the b-side. You can pre-order the cassette, but I just got the second to last one, so good luck:

I also just picked up a digital download of the new Boys Age. He's got CDs limited to 25, with only 9 remaining of this writing. Boys Age is always such a pleasure: