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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

UK Night: The Bordellos, Vukovar, Salem Trials, BOYA

On April 20, The Bordellos' second double A-side of the year will be released via the always amazing Metal Postcard Records. I've been lucky enough to receive a sneak listen to the two tracks, The Daisy Master Race and Cultural Euthanasia. Long-time fans of The Bordellos and Brian Bordello's solo work will not be disappointed. The Daisy Master Race is a delightful acoustic pop ditty about a shit-head "real life beautiful talented songwriter who writes beautiful songs but is a real-life right wing, fascist, homophobic, sexist, race hating bastard," sung and strummed by Brian, and Cultural Euthanasia, sung by Dan Bordello, is a mean little psych-out. If you haven't heard the Bordellos, or worse, are not a fan, then I encourage you to think about your life choices up to this point, and get hep. Here is that first double-A side, released back in early March:

Speaking of Dan Bordello, his other band, the gothic post-punk Vukovar, has announced their follow-up to last year's excellent The Colossalist. Called THE GREAT IMMUREMENT, it will be released on CD by the Russian label Other Voices Records, to be shipped May 25. I got the Colossalist on CD and the packaging is really slick, they did a good job. Here's the video for the single When Rome Falls:

Speaking of post-punk from the UK, Salem Trials has a super-bitchin' new single called Children of The CRASH you gotta check out. Andy's noisy guitar and chuga-chuga rhythms always pair well with Russ' sprechgesang vox:

Salem Trials are extremely prolific, so they've also got a new full length release on their Bandcamp page called Refuse To Die, "a collection of songs recorded during various sessions between October and December 2020, and vocals and additional instrumentation added March 2021." Here's the first track off that album, We're Not The People:

And don't forget to check out their double February full-length releases over on Metal Postcard Records, No Waving and File Under Concrete. Here's a track off each release:

And finally, speaking of Metal Postcard Records, and I do so very often, you gotta check out BOYA's Momentary Moments, released back in February. This low-key, ambient 5 song digital EP mixes electronic and acoustic sounds for maximum mesmerizing effect: