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Saturday, July 24, 2021

New from Metal Postcard Records and Syf Records

A desire to scratch a symbol on a cave wall, or beat a drum, or ululate, or tell a story.

Imagine that.

Imagine being present at the beginning of our history, and then, hundreds of thousands of years later, being present for the end of it. Like you lived all that time. I bet you'd be glad to finally see shit wrap up.

Loyal CNQ readers will know Sean Hocking's Metal Postcard Records is bad-ass and indispensible if you want to stay hep af in our modern age.

Halfway through 2021. Scratches on a cave wall.

"Love is a Healing Force" is a taster single from a new act called The Kessler Cascasde. 7 minutes of off-beat bedroom blue-eyed soul with a positive message. I am inspired:

Also from Metal Postcard, Graham Domain has a new 9 song album out. A lot of the songs on it are also long. Here's a shorter one though. Graham's a serious talent:

Speaking of 7 minute long tracks from Metal Postcard, and the opposite of real talent, I'd be remiss to not feature "Abandon All Dope," the last track off Occult Character's new Metal Postcard release, The Song Remains The Stain. Around an hour of lo-fi histrionics, courtesy yours truly:

I did an interview with Syf Records a while back and they've been steadily releasing stuff since -- now they've got their first cassette release, which is exciting. It's all their KILØFF EPs in one place:

This first cassette released earlier this month was quickly followed by two more cassette releases!