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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Corntuth (New York), Starflyer 59 (California), Rick Treffers (Netherlands), and Desborde (Argentina)

Corntuth is an ambient music producer based in Brooklyn. Their new release The Desert Is Paper Thin is 11 instrumentals, over 40 minutes of tunes. I keep meaning to put it on when I'm driving and listen to the whole thing, as it was conceived as a record documenting an imaginary day and night drive through the desert. I've enjoyed the tracks I have listened to -- ambient meets Americana, synth pads and steel pedal. Pretty stuff, and I did order the shirt because the graphic is cool:

There's a Youtube video to accompany the album as well:

A post or two ago I mentioned a label called Velvet Blue Music. This new Starflyer 59 video is a short film for the song, "Life in Bed." Per Velvet Blue Music's PR, "elements of the song are woven into an elongated soundtrack, with the actual album version of the song not entering until the 6:45 mark." The video is pretty haunting, and the song, also haunting, kicks ass. Starflyer 59 has been around since the 1990s, and I'd like to say I knew about them periphially, but I'm not 100% sure that's true. At any rate, here's the longform video for "Life in Bed," written and directed by Hunter Christy, who did the videos for GBV's "Space Gun" and "See My Field," among others:

Here's another righteous Starflyer 59 track, you can get it and "Life in Bed" on separate flexi-discs via the band's Bandcamp page. Fans of Mogwai and Arab Strap will appreciate this. I'm a little embarrassed I'm not familiar with the band, love this and "Life in Bed":

Rick Treffers has a new video for his new single "After I'm Gone," from the recently released album Looking For A Place To Stay. Cool adult-oriented indie-pop from the Netherlands. I love it:

This Desborde demo is raw bad ass power. Argentinian punk to the max. A must listen: