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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Help out in Haiti; Echobox Radio and Hidden Fruits of Terra #1 (Netherlands)

Find a way to help in Haiti.

A couple of weeks' worth of catching up to do begins this evening. More in a couple of days highlighting some new releases from a few CNQ favorites.

But tonight, take a listen to, a new independent radio broadcaster from Amsterdam, and shows are being archived on Mixcloud. Dutch radio personality Christo Bijlsma, who hosts the excellent Cygnus-5 Expanse show on Smelne FM (a terrestrial station in Drachten, Netherlands), has a show on Echobox and you gotta listen, you just gotta. Christo's shows are what I always wished I was doing on the old CNQ podcasts but I never quite got there, I don't think. Peel-inspired freeform centered around the underground, be it rock'n'roll, hip-hop, pop, electro, Brazillian jazz, etc. It's the most, man. Love it. Here's the first episode of Hidden Fruits of Terra, Christo's new show on Note that a new-ish track from CNQ faves Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio and the Ducks make an appearance, as do a couple of tracks from and some nice words for the erstwhile Occult Character's latest naive electro-slop album, The Song Remains The Stain: