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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Little Beards, Mirrorboxx, and Nervous Curtains (Dallas)

I got to listen to the new Little Beards full length, The Legend of Spectacular Living, and it's great -- the married duo from Dallas exploring dark, apocalyptic synth-pop. It's due out mid-September and you can pre-order the digital album on their Bandcamp page. I think they're doing a single release soon so I'll be sure to share that once it's released.

Sean Kirkpatrick, one half of Little Beards, is also in the equally rad dark synth outfit Nervous Curtains, and his solo instrumental synth project, Mirrorboxx, has a recent release from June, Vision Quest of the Technocrat, available on Bandcamp. Sean's a smart guy and his music reflects that. A lot of ruminating on our current (and probably forseeable future) sorry police state of post-capitalist society, and the detrimental effects thereof on people living within it. It's heavy stuff, but that doesn't make for a dry listen.

To wit, released just last week, a new single called "Human Futures Trader (Steve More Remix)." I'm certain in 20 years Little Beards, Nervous Curtains, and Mirrorboxx will be on lists of the best underground synth, electro, and darkwave of the early 21st century. If we survive that long!

But, like the man sez, "hey you, don't watch that -- watch this!"

The 2018 Mirrorboxx EP, Minimal Compliance, still remains in rotation on my turntable. I see there's still vinyl of it available, you should order it, it's boss: