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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Brian Bordello and The Bordellos; bigflower; Bordello and Clark; Vukovar, and Beauty Stab (UK)

The Bordellos have announced their 4th and penultimate double A-side of the year. I've had the golden opportunity to preview the two tracks. The first song, "All Psychiatrists Are Bastards", is a playful ditty written by the younger Bordello Dan, the velvet-voiced frontman also of Vukovar and Beauty Stab. The song's a hoot, usually you don't hear Dan this playful in his songs. The second A-side, "Will I Ever Be A Man," was written by Dan's pop, Brian, with the Everly Brothers in mind, shortly before Don passed away.

Y'all know I think Brian's a genius of a songsmith, and if "Will I Ever Be a Man" doesn't prove it to you, then you and I just aren't on the same page with it. And that's fine -- but you're wrong. With my own recording projects I always ask myself, "What would Brian Bordello do?" And the answer is always the same: he would make it fucking rad.

All Psychiatrists Are Bastards/Will I Ever Be A Man will be released for download/streaming on Metal Postcard Records August 28th.

Brian has been as busy as ever. Here's another recent release from him and Ivor Perry, who has an amusing story about the time he replaced Johnny Marr in the Smiths. Perry's current project is bigflower, and that's what this release is filed under. It's the first track recorded by Brian, 30 years ago, dug out, dusted off and revisted. A great song:

The long awaited Atlantic Corssing is finally due out September 24, from Think Like A Key Music. Brian and American guitarist Ted Clark have teamed up for a 12 song album that you can pre-order from Think Like A Key's Bandcamp page. I can't wait.

And for the road, some Brian Bordello genius level material you may wanna rub your ears against. First, probably my favorite Bordellos song ever. I think that's Dan singing:

And a killer track from Brian off a recent Dream Society Records comp:

Of course you should check out Vukovar and Beauty Stab if you haven't already:

And here's a boss Ivor Perry bigflower song, "Criminal," released back in June. Recorded on a phone with an acoustic. 100% cool:

I conclude: if you aren't listening to any of the above, then it's like man, you just don't even know what's happening.

O yeh and don't sleep on the Metal Postcard EP Brian and I did together, Heart to Heart. The song "Pig Fucker," and this is really odd but true, is the best song ever recorded: