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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

New Punk and Hip-Hop

This is nice: something called In Solidarity out of Arizona has released a comp called Texas Benefit Compilation, available for digital downloand and cassette. They say all proceeds raised from the tape will be donated to ACLU Texas to fight for, protect and ensure safe abortion access. That's good. The comp is good too, ranges from noisey powerviolence and grindcore to noisey weirdo punk, and more:

Abortion on demand and without apology. That's not a heartbeat, it's electrical activity in an embryo, y'all.

Metal fans are way ahead of me on this, but I just discovered Succumb yesterday and their new album XXI achieves total heaviosity. "Punishing" and "unrelenting" came to mind during my first couple of listens to the album's 8 tracks. Order the vinyl thru their Bandcamp page, it's one of the best new things I've heard all year:

Oxford, UK based punk label Richter Scale uploaded a couple of new albums to their Bandcamp page today:

"You Can't See Me" and "Contort" are the first two singles off the Barbituates' upcoming "mini-album" they're going to call Super Callous Fascist Racist Tories Are Atrocious, to be released tomorrow, Sept. 30. "You Can't See Me" is parts The Smiths and parts Echo and the Bunnymen, and I'm a sucker for "bah bah bahs." "Contort" is a little more raw, I'm into both of these songs and I look forward to hearing the rest of the album from this Londonderry band:

Ayeoh is a 2018 graduate of the LA Recording School, per their Bandcamp bio. Self is 13 short tracks of quality downtempo rap and hip-hop production: