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Monday, November 1, 2021

Tuff Sunshine (New York); Bunny and the Invalid Singers (Scotland); and Private Hell (Virginia)

Back after another month long break. But before we get to it, a brief grand proclamation that CNQ isn't on Facebook anymore. It was the last social media hold-out for the blog, as I stopped posting on Twitter several years ago and never got into Instagram. So I'll continue to post here on CNQ as time and inclination warrant. There's a "followers" sidebar button over on the bottom right of the web version of the blog. I guess it still works, even though a while back I got a message saying it was going away. You can use that to keep up for when I post, maybe, with your Google account. If not, just check in occasionally, or search for "Clean Nice Quiet" a million times so it shows up in your Google news feed. These are my only suggestions. There may be other ways to get notified when I post, if CNQ is what you're into.

Also, a quick reminder for those interested in submitting their righteous jams to CNQ -- please check out submission guidelines (top sidebar over to the right of the web version). I'll be more inclined to listen to your submission if it is submitted the way I prefer.

Alright, let's do it:

"My Greatest Hits" is a great single off Tuff Sunshine's 8 song digital release Yesterday Suit from label Declared Goods. The album was released back in June, but it's new to me. Tuff Sunshine is a trio from New York, according to their Bandcamp page. The album is low key, catchy, and highly listenable. It's weird to find stuff this good and it's only got 10 supporters on Bandcamp (people who have purchased the album).

Bunny and the Invalid Singers' new album Flight Of The Certainty Kids is out now on Edinburgh label Bearsuit Records. It's already received a lot of solid reviews, and I like it too. Instrumental electronic pop, Tortoise and Dan Deacon would be my touchstone for this. You can purchase this digitally or on CD. Why would you not?

Private Hell is a four-piece punk act out of Richmond, Virginia. Their new 5 song release is called Private Hell, and the last song on the album is called "Private Hell." That's the trifecta, friends. I love it, sludgy thrash punk. You can pre-order a cassette on their Bandcamp page, due out in February from Bat Magick Records:

This album has 47 supporters, which in terms of the stuff I like and feature from Bandcamp, that's a lot. It should be more, but not everybody's as cool and you and me and those 47 cool ass fans.

That's it for the time being. More to come from October submissions and other stuff I've been listening to.