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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Bordello & Clark; Metal Postcard Records

It wouldn't be CNQ catching up after a month of doofing around with other projects and video games without a post featuring Brian Bordello's latest project and/or something new from Metal Postcard Records. So here's a post featuring both.

Back in late August I mentioned Merseyside's Brian Bordello had a long unreleased album he did with U.S guitarist Ted Clark (I think Clark is based out of Ohio) finally due out courtesy Think Like a Key. That album, Atlantic Crossing by Bordello & Clark is finally out, and you can stream, download or purchase the CD on Think Like a Key's Bandcamp page. Long-time readers of CNQ will know I think there's nobody quite as good as Brian Bordello currently alive and making music. Clark's finish on Bordello's initial four track recordings of the dozen tracks compliment Brian's keen ability to craft a lo-fi pop song, with the tape hiss of the four track naturally adding to the ambience. Beautiful guitar songs with Brian's lyrics that are, as always, Lennon-levels of humor and vitriol, often nostalgic and melancholy, and each as enchanting as the last, from beginning to end. These two guys really knock it out of the park with this one. Absolutely one of the best albums of the year:

Hey, is it just me or is this year almost over? It went by faster than last year, feels like. Take care of yourself -- drink lots of water. Sit and breathe.

CNQ's favorite Australian label, Metal Postcard Records, has been as busy as always. The last thing I featured from MP was Leeds post-punk duo Salem Trials' Something Beginning With back in September. One half of the Salem Trials, Andy Goz, has done a team-up similar to Bordello & Clark with Texas' own Son of El Borko, from the Legless Crabs. Together they've release a self-titled EP and, as of today, a full length on MP called What We Did During The Fall. Andy Goz is as talented as all get out. Son of El Borko is me and I gotta say y'all, the week or so it took us to crank out the EP and the album was one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding experiences of my semi-churned life. Andy flexes his post-punk/no wave chops throughout, and I try to be clever and don't know what a key is. For "Holding Pattern," which is one of my favorite songs I've ever written, Andy brought in his friend Jules Lawrence for harmonica for the track, and that harmonica really brings the song home, I think.

Will Feral is an electronic producer who makes scores for invisible movies (actually it's just me and Garageband, but don't tell anybody). Hellweb is an attempt at a score for a cyberpunk horror story. This is the first Will Feral full length for MP:

Also in the electronic vein, MP stalwart Sir Robert Orange Peel has a new album out, and those are always fun, plus Dub Chieftain's Homeworld is a great album, think King Tubby making music for a 16-bit video game:

Rock'n'roll purists will undoubtably enjoy the Aliens album 30 lbs. of Air:

And, for some fun punk:

Metal Postcard Records is an incredible thing to be a part of. The level of talent Sean Hocking attracts and is able to amplify (plus my own bullshit) is a real feat in our current internet stage filled with noise and little signal. Metal Postcard is that signal.

And not to put too fine a point on it: "Pig Fucker," the Brian Bordello & Occult Character song that, many believe, and some even say aloud, is the finest song ever written and recorded, was released on MP, a little over a year ago now. Full disclosure -- I wrote the lyrics to the song, but man does Brian send this into the stratosphere where the best songs ever hang in orbit around us: