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Thursday, January 20, 2022

New CNQ Mixcloud Program

Hey check it out, I did a little Mixcloud show last night. Cribbing some stuff I've enjoyed listening to on the radio recently (via the Radio Garden app), and some recent and relatively recent CNQ faves from Bandcamp. An hour long, give it a listen -- if it's not hep enough, then you're too cool!

1. Love Hate Passion & War by Armstrong

2. Macho Music by "Blue" Gene Tyranny and Peter Gordon

3. Freak by Shanique Marie

4. Loretta by Ginger Root

5. Okeanos by Succumb

6. Thank The Universe by Thank

7. Kurious Oranj by The Fall

8. Oo Poo Pah Susie by Professor Morrison's Lollipop (Thanks to Suzie Hotrod at WFMU for playing this when I happened to be listening!)

9. Heaven Beat Iowa by Cub Scout Bowling Pins

10. Pop Cabecinha by Sophia Chablau e Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo

11. Lelit Hob (Short Version) by Umm Kulthum