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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Radio Garden

This past week I've spent geeking out over the Radio Garden app. I knew about Radio Garden previously, but only the website. The app is killer diller. It needs folders for my favorites but otherwise I love it. I combed thru the suggestions on the app itself and a page or two of Reddit recommendations to find some cool stations, and then have been doing a good bit of random dialing as well, as that's part of the fun.

Here's some of my favorite stations this past week:

Dub from Kingston:

Nothing but bird song recordings from London:

From Beirut. Count on rocking out to an Om Koulthoum extended jam in the evening:

Listen to LBI Zaman from Beirut live on Radio Garden:

Listen to KFFP Freeform Portland from Portland OR live on Radio Garden:

Listen to KCLC HD2 The Experience from Saint Charles MO live on Radio Garden:

Check these out! More later.