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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Vukovar; Psuedo Desnudo; Helena Celle; Tuff Sunshine

Tough to articulate how sad and angry I am. As long as people continue to vote against their own self-interest, mass shootings like what happened in Uvalde will continue. Arming teachers or turning our public schools into supermax prisons isn't the answer -- gun control is. No private citizen needs an assault rifle. And you don't need to be carrying around handguns in the street either, you nut. If you think your "freedom" to own an assault rifle and open carry a pistol is worth a classroom full of innocent lives, then, and I say this in all candor and seriousness: fuck you, you piece of shit dirtbag. Jesus H., what is wrong with you?

Alright. England's Vukovar has a new album called The Body Abdicator due out June 25th, you can pre-order the limited edition CD on their Bandcamp page, and two singles are posted already, and they're great:

Solo artist Psuedo Desnudo has a new full length out on LA's Cudighi Records, you can order a cassette from Cudighi's Bandcamp page. Captain Beefheart meets Television, I dig it:

From Glasgow, electronic artist Helena Celle has a new hour long release on False Walls called Music For Counterflows. You can order the CD from the Bandcamp page -- it's gotten good reviews from the Quietus and Bandcamp Daily, check it out:

Tuff Sunshine is a three piece from NYC, I've featured them before. "Legwork" is their latest single, killer diller:

CNQ Radio is about to go live for a few hours. Gonna play some cool tracks. Tune in here, or click the play button at the top of the embedded player at the top of the blog's desktop version, if you'd like to listen.