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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Robert Pollard, Sunny & The Sunliners, Savage Necromancy

I was going over my Mixcloud archives and realized I'm achieving what I've been wanting to do without realizing, establishing a rotation of songs and bands in the fashion of the radio I grew up with. I love there's so many music podcasts and internet music stations, and of course terrestial college stations and WFMU -- and don't forget my new favorite internet streaming station, KPISS.FM -- playing music I appreciate. The Radio Garden app is a must, I gotta tell ya. There's so much content, you could never hear the same song, even the same band, twice.

I like to hear new stuff, but I also like to hear the same cool stuff over and over, so that'll be my focus with my KPISS.FM show (every other Saturday at 5PM EST). I learned with my previous CNQ podcast that it's real easy to only play new or new-to-me stuff, because there's so much of it. But a lot of bands and singles I hear deserve to be repeated, so I'm going to do so.

Uncle Bob got a re-mastered release of an older album out:

There's a Sunny and the Sunliners best of out, Volume 2. You see a lot of Sunny and the Sunliners 45s down here. San Antonio legend:

Here's the first volume of Mr. Brown Eyed Soul:

Black metal from Phoneix!