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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Science Man, Geiger von Muller, The Slime

Hello, fellow kids!

First up, the Science Man Nines Mecca package finally arrived in my mailbox the otherday, after an unfortunate but unavoidable delay, and it's impressive -- white vinyl LP with a really bad ass special edition t-shirt, and the gem in the package -- a limited to 50 VHS tape of videos for each of the ten tracks on the album. And it is so frickin' cool, you oughta pick it up if you love low budget horror-themed music videos, and if there are any left. The album, as I've mentioned before, is great also. 20 minutes of noisey hardcore, a great racket. Here's the video for Poach The Mind's Eye, and you can see all the videos here.

From London, guitarist Geiger von Muller has a new single out called "Space Digger #1," and it's a neat instrumental piece of slide guitar work, check out the video and you can get it pay what thou wilt via Bandcamp. It's from an upcoming album called Slide Sonotas I.

Toronto's The Slime have a new album out called Living on Borrowed Slime, it's killer diller punk -- if Science Man could be described as David Lynch-ian, I'd say The Slime would be Ed Wood-ian. And maybe I'm just saying that because there's a sample from Plan 9 in the first song, but regardless, the one two punch of the opening song on the album, "Arms Race," followed by the single, "Real Garbage," is a sweet punch in the face, and the rest of the album doesn't let up. Living On Borrowed Slime is available on vinyl from Cursed Blessings Records, and here's the video for "Real Garbage."

Alright, I plan on doing a live show here around 8:30PM CST, give or take, so in about 40 minutes, as I celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of my favorite albums, Faith No More's Angel Dust. Nothing special lined up, just going to play some cool music.

Click here to listen, or click the play button on the embedded player at the top of the blog's desktop version when you see it says "Live."

You ever seen this interview of Mike Patton eating a sandwich and being petulant in 1992?

...and here's that show: