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Friday, July 8, 2022

CNQ Live at 9ish PM CST on 7/8/2022

Here in a few I'm going to charge up the radio machine and let it play gnarly tunes while I think about how incredibly hot it is outside.

Join me by clicking here to listen, or click the play button on the embedded player at the top of this blog's desktop version.

And here's that show:

Viagra Boys - Punk Rock Loser

Teengenerate - Dressed in Black

Guitar Wolf - Fujiyama Attack

Queasy Pieces - Turn That Wagon Around

Al Marantz - Open Up Your Blinds

Curleys - What I Like

A.N.J.A. - Monoxide

Special Interest - Head

The Slime - Real Garbage

Suburban Lawns - Janitor

Science Man - Birth of a Mountain

Salem Trials - Apocrypha 

Chumleys - I Don't Wanna

Thank - Thank the Universe

Super Hit - Good Girls Get the Treats

Psuedo Desnudo - Durk in the Lark 

Merce Lemon - Johnny When He's Sweet and John For All the Rest

Emboscada - Soportar

Junk It - Babby Spanch 

Shux - I Don't Wanna Indoor Toilet

Yuvees - Yr Not Invited

The Bordellos - Starshaped Radio

Thug Mills - Half Wild Child