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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Curleys, Salem Trials, Bigflower, Espuélrico, Al Marantz

Let's see what we got. The new Curleys self-titled 12" is available for streaming and pre-order vinyl/tape on Total Punk's Bandcamp site. It's cool stuff, but give me a break with that "we're not hardcore and we don't care what obscure 80s hardcore band you think we sound like" bullshit. Whether that statement is intended to be ironic or not, it's a drag to act ignorant, and spiteful of your fans. Maybe there's a way to do that ironically that hasn't been overdone, but their blurb doesn't achieve it. And if it's not ironic, it's even more of a snooze. But I suspect it's just a joke that falls flat. At any rate, it's a cool album. Hardcore doofery that sounds like your favorite obscure 80s hardcore band:

The incredibly prolific Salem Trials have yet another new release on Bandcamp, Unified Field Theory, "a collection of unfinished songs recorded during various sessions, between 2021-2022. All overdubs, lyrics and vocals recorded June 2022."

Also prolific Bigflower has a new single, "Contrarian":

I totally missed this Espuélrico single, "Esperando La Muerte," when it came out last year:

Cudighi Records has a new Al Marantz album coming out on the 15th, The Mechanic. The single, "Open Up Your Blinds," is a groovy lo-fi pop tune. I have an old Al Marantz cassette from OSR Tapes that I never got into. Gonna pull that out and give it another play:

A little later tonight, post 10PM CST on July 5th, I might spin some tunes on CNQ Live.

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