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Saturday, December 31, 2022


CNQ plays some favorite Bandcamp releases of the year.

Featured artist from bandcamp:

"New Band" by New Buck Biloxi


New Buck Biloxi – New Band

Vukovar – Place to Rest

Brian Bordello – Here Comes Eric with His Dead Child Song

Neon Kittens – Re-Emerge

Super Hit – Good Girls Get the Treats

Philomena  Lauprecht – Against Evil Company

IDE, Alucard, Fatboi Sharif, Shanty Gallos – Hermetic Measures

The Slime – Real Garbage

Fugitive – The Javelin

Night Shop – Universal City

Strange Neighbors – Window Watching

Robyn Hitchcock – The Shuffle Man

The Legendary Ten Seconds – The Torquay Sandyman

Fir Cone Children – Quite Okay with Mondays

Cosmic Guilt – Now I Feel It

Desborde – Hartxs

Troma – Our Kids Will Spit On Us

Ethe Agee, Preston Scarber and Rev. Dorosco Scarber – Traveling Home

The Legless Crabs – (I Wanna Be A) Cult Musician