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Thursday, December 29, 2022

CNQ Video Debut: Geiger von Müller -- "Space Digger #2" from new album "Slide Sonotas I."

Hey check it out, it's the world premiere of Geiger von Müller's video for "Space Digger #2," the second single from his excellent new album, Slide Sonotas I. Based out of London, von Muller's Bandcamp page describes him as "a solid proponent of the neo-cubist semi-deconstructionist blues scene;" and the album "(explores) the pure sound of slide guitar." It's acoustic, avant garde, and awesome.

The album premiered on It's Psychedelic Baby and the first single's music video, "Space Digger #1," premiered over on Grateful Web. Here's what other folks had to say about the Slide Sonotas I.:

'Avant-garde slide maestro' -It's Psychedelic Baby Mag

'Exceptional great piece of guitar playing' -Rebellious Jukebox

'completely unique musician, instantly recognizable with a sound all of his own' -Roots & Fusion

'the right kind of strange - very creative' -Backporch Blues Ramble

The quirky video was directed by Atilla Riegler, with Lego stuff by Red Ey. Geiger says the theme is "Classic Space: exploration, science, creativity. No conflict." Slide Sonotas I. has a space-like feel throughout it, so that tracks.

Geiger also says, "I swear to God I never heard about the movie Gravity with those rad visuals until I watched it this week. Thus Space Digger #2 is in no way plagiarized from that movie. Also, we have aliens and a flying saucer, which they don't."