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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Isla Invisible; Adiós Cometa; The Ducks; The Bordellos; Brian Bordello; Gilla Band; A.N.J.A.; Kid Gulliver; Suckling; Neon Kittens; Smashing Red; The Postmen; and Salem Trials

Been gone for a couple of weeks, and while on vacation I realized I had starred in my inbox a butt ton of new releases I've been neglecting to share on here. I'll be playing some of these on my hour long KPISS.FM show this Saturday at 5PM Eastern, but you saw and heard it here on the blog first!

From Velvet Blue Music, a 4 song nu-gaze split from Isla Invisible (Puerto Rico/NYC) and Adiós Cometa (Costa Rica). This came out back in July of last year, I missed it. CDs and tapes still available:

Also missed, the Duck's (England) full length, Enter the Cloaca got released in December. The Ducks are nuts, and the lead off track, "Give God a Bone," proves it. Check it out:

In January, the Bordellos released as a free download The Sunday Experience, originally released as a one sided 10inch vinyl EP on Benevolent Antenna Records. Good luck finding that. Y'all know I love the Bordellos:

And in late February, Think Like a Key released Brian Bordello's Songs for Cilla To Sing, a solo acoustic full length that is already on my best of the year list:

A buddy at work turned me on to Gilla Band from Ireland. Their newest single, "Sports Day," is rad:

Belfast's A.N.J.A. has a new single called "Witchmother," it's rockin':

Here's a good new power pop single from Boston, "Kiss and Tell" by Kid Gulliver. Came out in January:

Austin's Suckling has finally released their debut album mid-February, I caught them opening for Jesus Lizard in 2018. I remember there only being two guys on stage and maybe a drummer, but it looks like they're a four piece now. Great noise rock, though they used a sample I have also used in a Legless Crabs song and I'm totally upset (j/k):

Metal Postcard Records has more new releases than you can shake a stick at, with a packed release schedule coming up this month as well, so catch up on these, from Neon Kittens, Smashing Red, The Postmen, and Salem Trials:

Alright, I still have 64 starred releases to check out, the oldest dating from mid-February, but ruminate on these, and I'll try and post again tomorrow. Friday I'm going to work on my KPISS.FM show -- will be featuring stuff from France and Marrakesh! Will be a lot of fun, tune in. And thanks for reading -- go support these artists if you hear something you like.