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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Shit Present; Death Valley Girls; The Guilty Pleasures; Löst Folk; Anatomy of the Heads; The Legendary Ten Seconds; Leonard Donat; The Lonely Bell; Neon Kittens; $T33D$_uv_LUV

I am back to fufill my destiny. Also, don't forget to tune in to KPISS.FM the goooolden stream Saturday 3/11 at 4P Eastern, I'll be filling in for DJ CD Playa on the OOO Show, then the CNQ show is back after a two week hiatus at 5p. Will have a couple of premieres from Charity Empressa (featuring members of Starflyer 59 and Father John Misty) and Australia's Vicious Blonde, plus a hunka hunka other cool stuff.

Shit Present's new album, What Still Gets Me, their first release since the excellent 2016 EP Misery+Disaster is due out May 9, and the two singles they have available on Bandcamp are rippers. Only 50 of the 500 LPS they've made are left:

New Death Valley Girls video:

New release from the amazing Syf Records:

Sweden's Löst Folk are at it with 19 seconds of fun:

Anatomy of the Heads are out to pull a G. Gordon Liddy on your mind with a wild new 9 song release out called In the Realm of Allied Barbarians and Tributary Lords:

New CNQ fave The Legendary Ten Seconds has released a comedy song album called The Rejects of Lord Zarquon. Fun stuff:

Berlin's Blackjack Illuminist Records has two new dark ambient releases for dat ass:

A non-Metal Postcard Records Neon Kittens release:

And another new Metal Postcard release, this one from secretive oddball blues lawyers $T33D$_uv_LUV. Imagine Chicago meets the Butthole Surfers ran thru auto-tune. Bizarro World AOR:

Alright, now I only have 30 starred e-mails left before I'm caught up on Bandcamp releases I wanted to check out over the last couple weeks. What a hassle!