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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Clean Nice Quiet on KPISS.FM (04.29.2023)

Matt presents what should be appointment listening, yet no one made an appointment or even listened.  Still, a bad-ass hour of new and newish rock'n'roll, plus a Ween track from '92, with an additional fifteen minutes of classic rock from the 70s and 90s thrown in at the front end. Also Matt forgets to mention Boys! by Goblin Daycare when listing off what's been played. Otherwise, flawless execution.  

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me

Beck - Get Real Paid

Guided by Voices - Tractor Rape Chain

Ramones - 7 and 7 Is (Love cover)

Girls Against Boys - Kill the Sexplayer

Legless Trials - Run Naked

Yuvees - Big Dig 

Boys Age - Monna Lisa

Spad - Private Discussion Forum 

Mommy Long Legs - Yuppie Moms (2023 remaster)

Merce Lemon - Do You See This It Is Rough 

Rat Motel - Sinners

Ryan Allen - Start a Band

Ween - Touch My Tooter

The Slime - Forest Walker

Violence Creeps - Amber Alert (Underwater Edition)

Telegenic Pleasure - Vision Burns 

Brute Spring - Into Ribbons

Goblin Daycare - Boys!

Chinese Junk - CCTV

Sauna Youth - Ripping Leather 

The Men - Eternal Recurrence

Suckling - The Harvester

Lost Folk - Hjalp

Heavy Metal - Savagely Beaten By Funk

Tin-Ear - Tin Life