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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Clean Nice Quiet on KPISS.FM (05.06.2023)

Featured artist from bandcamp:

"Postal Blowfish" by Guided By Voices


Guided By Voices – Postal Blowfish

Rat Motel – Tutankhamen

Liminal – Eternamente

The Latin Blues Band featuring Luis Aviles – Take a Trip 

Jawbreaker Reunion  – Friends Theme Song

OK Cool – normal c

The Maxines – Honestly

Sweeping Promises – Eraser

Creeping Death – Intestinal Wrap 

Torpur – Infinite Fear

Kimaya Diggs – If You Love Me 

The Wind-Ups – Le Beau Tetard Sur Son Cigare

Retail Simps – Too Shy (Moe Tucker cover)

The Shivas – Perder (ft. Carrion Kids)

Hello Cosmos – Let Love Be The Island Upon Which We Stand (Radio Edit)

Tyvek – Tip To Tail

Jim Sharp – Much More Love 

Legless Trials – My Little Corner