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Saturday, April 15, 2023

CNQ on KPISS.FM (04.15.2023)

Today's show:

The Fire - Father’s Name Is Dad

Doctor Nod - Shaky Parts

Anna’s Bones - Silver Thread 

Pissabed Prophet - Spooling

Chinese Junk - My Baby Works for Rentokil

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Tramp

Jean Mignon - Moped With a Gun 

Future Death - Riot Trains

Telegenic Pleasure - Throat of Glass

Kool Keith & L’Orange - Meanwhile, Back Home (feat. Open Mike Eagle)

Goblin Daycare - Officer Down!

Pyrex - Neptune

New Buck Biloxi - New Band

Brute Spring - Into Ribbons

Strange Neighbors - Skeleton Boy

Rita Coolidge - Now Your Baby Is a Lady

Cheap Trick - Downed

Robert Pollard - Airs