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Friday, April 14, 2023

Specular-D; Anna's Bones; Pissabed Prophet; Eric Angelo Bessel; Jean Mignon; Salem Trials; The Conspiracy

Naturally at the first of the year I have every intention of posting more often, I think I've said that every year for the past 11 years. But, here we are, more than two weeks since my last post. But, a day before my KPISS.FM show tomorrow (Every Saturday at 5PM Eastern, in fact).

Specular-D is a sample-based electronic musican out of London. His new release on Bandcamp You Do You has a single available, "Don't Overcome Directly." It's a trip, man:

DIY label Antigen Records out of Ipswich has a couple of new rockin' releases out. "Silver Thread" by Anna's Bones is a single from someone who may or may not be named Becky Blenko. Cool song with a cool video:

And then "Spooling," the available single from an upcoming full length by Pissabed Prophet, is the tops as well:

On April 21, Lore City Music will will release the debut solo album from visual artist and musician, Eric Angelo Bessel, called Visitation. Intrumental, atmospheric, very groovy:

Finally, a couple of websites to check out. Pop Thruster is making a running list of the Best 1000 Albums Ever. An ambitious project and I'll keep an eye on it, I love lists.

Metal Postcard Records honcho Sean Hocking has a new site for his Bottom of the Pops show, aptly titled Bottom of the Pops. Sean's the man, if you want to have any hope of staying cool, you need to follow Bottom of the Pops.

Speaking of Metal Postcard Records, a trio of excellent new releases from the best digital label on the planet: