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Monday, September 25, 2023

Exhumed (California); Riversleem (Canada); Pinback (California)

Hey if you make cool tunes and you want to send me your cool tunes for possible play on my KPISS.FM show (Saturday 5-6P EST) or featured here on the blog, take note that the email to contact me is now matt (at) cleannicequiet (dot) (com). I dunno if I have to spell it out like that anymore, I saw someone do that like 10 years ago and figured it was to confuse bots, so I started doing it too. But I dunno; I'm an idiot. Here's some new stuff from Bandcamp:

Exhumed, rad "gore metal" from San Jose, has new vinyl pressings of their 2017 album Death Revenge and their 2019 album Horror, Horror. I've only recently gotten into Exhumed but I've enjoyed everything I've heard. The line between extreme metal, powerviolence, thrash metal, grindcore, and death metal have really blurred over the last few years, if there was ever lines demarcating them to begin with. I dunno, as mentioned above, I'm an idiot:

Speaking of blurred metal lines, Riversleem are "emo-violence" from Saskatchewan. I listened to their new EP A Second Release today and really enjoyed it. Super heavy and fast, and the tone of the screamage is pro. It qualifies as rock'n'roll to me. I love/hate when I listen to something and I see it promoted as "For Fans Of:" and it's four or five bands I've never heard of. I try to keep up but it's tough, man. You understand.

You can get Riversleem's A Second Release either digital or on vinyl here, from Zegema Beach Records:

And I guess someone found some unsold CDs of this Pinback re-master. My old-timey goodtime buddies are all into Pinback, but I never grokked it. I did catch Goblin Cock once and they ruled. Anyway I listened to the first three songs on this today and enjoyed them enough.

Anyway, send me your stuff, if I like it I'll play it or feature it here. I'm going to make an effort to post more often -- over the last eleven years of doing this blog, I've said that often, and Phantom Liberty just came out, so I can't make any promises. Even if I do fail to post more often than I like, there will be the KPISS.FM show on the reggie, as mentioned above every Saturday from 5 to 6PM Eastern. All songs are considered, as long as you send me a publicly available link or file.