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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New Punk and More

From Florida's XTRO tape label, this band's name is in Greek, so I translated it in Google and it translated it to "SHAMEFUL SHAME," which is a cool band name. Noisey goodness originally released in 2001, SHAMEFUL SHAME is synth punk from Athens, Greece:

So I've grown weary of "egg punk," but if you haven't, and you don't follow Goodbye Boozy, then you're missing out on a lot of new egg punk:

Here's some dancey post-punk, a welcome change from the snotty 3 chord eggpunk formula, a bitchin' new single called "Coming Our Way," from the Washington DC band Light Beams.

A dreamy, quiet single from NYC's June McDoom:

A great, trippy single from a label called Förbjudna Ljud based out of Stockholm, Sweden:

Already Dead Tapes has a split with two new Chicago acts, noise rockers Urine Hell and the industrial/experimental NÜDE. Super cool stuff:

Finally, here's a couple of cool new videos: