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Best of 2013 Rando Musings

This year I really got into Roman History, first courtesy Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast, and then Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcast. Both podcasts were recommended to me by good buddy and fellow traveler Mike R. Thanks duder! I whole-heartedly recommend both Hardcore History and History of Rome. Dan Carlin also does a political commentary podcast called Common Sense, and I'm continually blown away by how right on Carlin is. Neither Right nor Left, Carlin continuously hits the head on the nail of current political and social issues. I just love it. Mike Duncan is now doing a podcast called Revolutions, in which he's going to cover various revolutions throughout world history. I'm going to finish History of Rome before I start Revolutions in earnest (I've listened to the first few episodes of Revolutions and enjoyed it); the Huns have made their first appearance on History of Rome so I'm nearing the end, I'm somewhere after the 150t…

Cfit Remix and Some Other Fun Stuff

Despite having too many 45s in my Clean, Nice, Quiet queue already, no doubt enough to share until the End of the Internet, today I picked up a few more gems at Half-Priced Books. They are having a 20% off sale. So, while I go thru these, clean them up and give them a first listen... Stream and download Cfit's Xmas treat - their song "Coke and Spiriters," as remixed by Viva Idiota, which is the new project of David Cantan, the dude from Dying Seconds. Coke & Spiriters (Viva Idiota remix) by cfit, Viva IdiotaI put back a couple of 45s at the store today because I searched for them on my phone and they were readily available for listen. Here's one that stood out - Battery Acid, featuring members of Mary's Danish: Per that Mary's Danish wiki entry above, both lead singers of Mary's Danish sang back up on the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Mother's Milk, and one of the guitarists was in The Three O'Clock. The Three O'Clock's lea…

Crapoulet Records Sampler + An International Feel for New Arrivals from Bandcamp

First up, here's a little sampling of new stuff from France's Crapoulet Records, whom I admire: Sun Sick is from France, like the Coneheads. Really cool stuff: Holidays Tape by Sun SickGo ahead and check out this song from their June 2013 release because it's hyper-cool, as the French teens from 1994 might say: Sun Sick LP by Sun SickI can't get enough of Sweden's Impo and the Tents: Going to the moon by Impo & The TentsI think these guys may be from Argentina: Puro Veneno TAPE by QUEMA COCHESCrapoulet has lots of cool international punk sounds, check 'em out when you're done here. Continuing the international feel, these guys are from Barcelona: Son Bou EP by Son BouAs are these guys: DRAMA DEL REY by MAL BOLLO 666And these rockers: GOD SAVE THE PIG VOL. II by PUTO ZERDO RECORDS...and so are these cats. Per la independencia dels Paisos Catalans!: Cranc by CRANCFrom Magdeburg, Germany: - III - by ben rackeNFrom Toronto: No Ha…

The Pizza Underground (2013)

The Pizza Underground bandcamp page has mysteriously disappeared...could it be releated to this: Macaulay Culkin's pizza themed covers band get death threats from rival pizza-based act

Sunday Evening Bandcamp Sampler

I enjoy doing these CNQ bandcamp samplers. They're easy to write up and I get to listen to new stuff. Here's a couple of new punk tunes: These guys are from Scotland: Down Down by CLEAVERSFrom California: BLANK STARES LP by ANTI, a site which i've loved dearly these past couple years, is closing down tomorrow. Here's a Chicago band I found out about thanks to jammin with super-cool music freaks on that site: Drink To Sleep by Uh Bones