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The Anti DiFrancos/Ass End Offend "My Imperialist Hard-On Is Bigger Than Yours" (2002)

I picked this 7" up from B4 in Deep Ellum because I liked the name Anti-DiFranco and the album art was cool. Righteous D.I.Y. hardcore from Missoula, Montana, early 2000s. Poisoned Candy Records and the two bands on this split moved to Portland later in the decade. They continue to operate, here's their Facebook page. Ass End Offend changed their name to Squalora. I e-mailed Poisoned Candy and Matt from PC (and Squalora) was kind enough to email me back, and point me to their Bandcamp page, where they have their entire discography available for free/pay what thou wilt, which is nice of them. If you're into hardcore punk I'd recommend checking them out after you're done here. Here's the Discogs entry on the album, here's the Wikipedia entry on anarcho-syndicalism, and here's 8 great, angry songs in about fifteen minutes or so, courtesy Poisoned Candy Records and Bandcamp. Enjoy! My Imperialist Hard-on... by THE ANTI DIFRANCOS/ ASS-END O…

Jimmy Pruett: My Gal Sal/A Shanty In Old Shanty Town (1962?)

I was over at vintage store B4 in Deep Ellum again tonight, and, among a few other righteous treasures, found this 7". According to Jimmy Pruett's German-language Wikipedia entry (he doesn't have one in English), Pruett was a blind pianist and guitarist, born in 1925 in Los Angeles. Here's another bio from Pruett was a member of this radio and television country music program called Town Hall Party. I'd never heard of it -- Town Hall Party looks pretty cool. Here's a brief bio of Pruett from musician Lee Bloom's list of important jazz pianists. Here's a copy of this record (a Capitol Records release) on for $12.00, and here's a copy on Ebay for $4.79. That's what my copy looks like. The Discogs page for Jimmy Pruett is sparse and doesn't list this recording. Over on 45cat, Pruett's name is even more rare, with only one listing, as piano on a Jackie Lee Cochran bootleg reproduction from 1973.…

Johnny Wright: "They're All Going Home But One" (1964)

Johnny Wright was the husband of country music star Kitty Wells. Wright's big hit was "Hello Vietnam," a pro-Vietnam War song that topped the Billboard country charts in 1965, a time when anti-war sentiment across America was like, freaking out all the squares. This is the B-Side to "Walkin', Talkin', Cryin', Barely Beatin' Broken Heart," a tune Roger Miller and Justin Tubb co-wrote, which was on the "Hello Vietnam" album, but was released as a single in '64 by Decca and charted on the Billboard country charts at 22. It's Record No. 31593 and was written by Karl Davis, Hary Taylor, and Pat McAdory. It says on the 45 label that Wright is backed up by the Tennessee Mountain Boys, but it looks like the Tennessee Mountain Boys were just Wright and his singing partner, Jack Anglin, who, according to his Wikipedia entry, died in a car crash on the way to Patsy Cline's funeral in 1963. The entry also says Anglin wa…

Five New Punk Rock Sounds Via Bandcamp

Neither Shakespeare nor Dick Van Patten said, "The essence of soul is brevity." From Toronto: S/T LP by Citizen PatrolFrom Glasgow: RUNGS by RUNGSSuper-cool from Sydney: Rarities 1%vol by The Liquid VapoursFrom Houston: The First 2 to 3 Years by LANDFILLFrom Moscow: fjodr by fjodr

Ric Manrique, Jr.: D'Yos Lamang Ang Nakakaalam 12" (1970s)

My lovely wife picked this up for me at a Goodwill for a buck. According to Ric Manrique Jr.'s wikipedia entry, he is one of the two Filipino "Kings of Kundiman," the other being Ruben Tagalog, whom I first learned about through the music blog Crud Crud, which was my favorite music blog for years and is now sadly defunct. I think I've mentioned before that Crud Crud was a direct inspiration for Clean, Nice, Quiet. Anyway. Sniff. This LP features 12 lovely Kundiman songs, Kundiman being a genre of traditional Filipino love jawns. The LP was put out by the Phillipine's own Villar Records, which, as their Wikipedia entry states, was founded by the late Manuel P. Villar, the "Father of Philippine Recording." Very interesting history, check out Villar Records' Wikipedia entry when you're done here. I contacted Villar Records and Peter J. Villar was kind enough to respond, giving me the go ahead to share a couple of these great Manrique Jr…

New Punk Rock Arrivals From Bandcamp y Soundcloud

This was all over the place on the big music sites last week but I can't get enough of it! Check it out if you haven't heard it yet: If my frequent searches thru Bandcamp's new arrivals section is to be believed, there's some bitchin punk coming out of Spain these days. From Madrid: La mitad de lo que somos, la mitad de lo que creemos by Trono de SangreFrom the Basque Country: 2013 Maniakos! by Los Carniceros del NorteFrom Toronto: Bigger Problems EP by These CreepsFrom Sydney, this may be my jam: BEZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTT EP by Simo SooFrom the same Australian cat, this Drake cover is pretty rad: BEZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTT EP by Simo Soo

New Arrivals from Bandcamp & Soundcloud

Punk Rock from Pennsylvania: Home Recordings: Volume 2 by ExequalsAlt-rock, from Melbourne: Dick Diver - Calendar Days by Dick DiverI've gotten into Soundcloud recently, it's five years old but new to me. I look forward to all my Burger Records Soundcloud updates:

Not My Son: "Gruesome Worms of Hate" (1994)

Not My Son was a punk band: Carol Steele on bass/vocals, Tim King on guitar, and Rich Hahn on drums. I don't think it's the same Tim King who's in the metal band Soil. According to Discogs, this "Gruesome Worms of Hate" 7" had two versions, a reggie black vinyl and a red vinyl. I picked up the red vinyl for $5 at Half-Priced Books. It was recorded by Martin Feveyear, who I'd never heard of before. But, according to his wiki entry, he has produced and worked on a ton of albums, many of which are big name bands. After you're done here, check out Feveyear's Jupiter Studios. Cool stuff! GWoH was recorded in Seattle and released on Rejection Records, which I can't find much information on, but I did Google Street View the address listed on the back of the 45. Looks like it got gentrified after Rejection Records moved out. Discogs sez "Gruesome Worms of Hate" was recorded back in 1994. As far as I can tell, this was their onl…

Glorium: Divebomb/Chemical Angel (1992)

Glorium is a Texas post-punk band formed in San Antonio in 1991. I picked up their Divebomb/Chemical Angel 45, on sweet sweet clear vinyl, from Half-Priced Books for three bux. Apparently I have lead singer Paul Streckfus' mom to thank for that! Released on Austin's EV Records in 1992 (excellent year), with a pressing of just 300. Glorium has a Bandcamp page, where they've uploaded a lot of their 90s output. Check it out when you're done here! Divebomb: Your browser does not support the audio element. Chemical Angel: Your browser does not support the audio element.