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Princess Ramona: "Lover For A Night" b/w "I Need All The Help I Can Get" (Buddy K Records, #K-5001, 1960s)

Princess Ramona, AKA The Cherokee Princess, is Ramona Kemp, and she was born February 9, 1925. Her Facebook page was last updated March 7, 2014. I've tried to contact her and a few of her contacts via Facebook, but I've come up short on replies. This 45 is, as the label sez, "A Little Bit of Royalty." Both of these songs are great. "Lover For A Night" is a sultry, seductive slow jam, and "I Need All The Help I Can Get" is a fun B-side with some interesting guitar flourishes. I don't know if that's Princess Ramona on guitar also or a studio musician. Before we hear the songs, here's all the information I could find on Princess Ramona: Per her Internet bio I found on a couple of different sites, Princess Ramona has traveled the globe singing, yodeling, and spreading the gospel for more than 50 years. She is the daughter of Chief Frank Buckshot Standing Horse. Princess Ramona was the wife of producer and fellow musician Buddy Kem…

New Adam Holtz

CNQ fave Adam Holtz has been a busy man since the last time I featured a handful of his songs from Volume 18 of his copyrighted catalog back in September. Of the 35 songs he's written since I received his last CD, the majority of them were written in October. Volume 19 features 23 of these new tunes. As always, you can contact Adam via traditional mail at: 1616 Abbey Loop
Foley , Alabama 36535 Here's some highlights of the new volume. "Let Love In" is a Christian song and while I'm not religious myself, I think it's a good, honest song and I appreciate the sentiment. "What's This World Coming To" is a Nobama jam and while I don't agree with some of Adam's politics, I do agree that the status quo needs a shake up. Listen and download: Shannon Won't Reply
Let's Party
Down That Lonesome Road
Let Love In
What's This World Coming To

#Hashtag Ferguson

The Ferguson thing is weighing heavy on our minds. Our thoughts are with the Brown family. You've probably seen this already, but here's my hero Killer Mike speaking about it and getting choked up, hours after the verdict was announced. Run the Jewels happened to be playing in Saint Louis last night. Here's a Noisey interview with Killer Mike about that speech, Ferguson, and the state of affairs in general. As I said, Killer Mike is my hero. I'm so proud and excited that a guy my age is speaking out about the stuff I believe, being rational and responsible about it, and getting positive media attention. In the wake of the grand jury decision last night, A-F Records is now donating all proceeds from their new protest compilation, This Concerns Everyone, to the Ferguson Defense Fund. You can buy the album on bandcamp for a buck. Go do it. The Ferguson Public Library could use your help as well. Because Killer Mike and El-P are besties, here's a new s…

Run the Jewels are running my life

My husband has been begging me to contribute to CNQ for a while so here we go!

The Run the Jewels show we saw a few weeks back was amazing but it's more than that, I have listened to Run the Jewels 2 multiple times every day since, watched any interview I can find with Killer Mike and El-P, and have started digging deep into their back catalogs.  I'm in DEEP.

I have always liked hip-hop but my tastes have always leaned more towards fun stuff, clever braggadocious lyrics, preferably filthy, with a beat to dance to.  I wanted to like conscious rap but it was always boring, heavy handed, or both.  I enjoy conscious commentary couched within a banger but that just doesn't happen as much.  My husband doesn't quite appreciate Kanye West as much as I do but I think he's excellent at this- his politics are often muddled but he is often talking about something more than sex and money (although there's plenty of that as well) with humor in a sly way that doesn't bri…

New Punk From Bandcamp

I'm going thru the little collection of 45s I've amassed in the last couple of years. Cleaning, cataloging, organizing. It's fun. Here soon I'll post some more cool stuff from that collection. Got some new Adam Holtz coming up too. Not limited to format tonight, here's some cool new sounds from Bandcamp. Simo Soo, Sydney's own no-rave partiste (that's a party artiste, and I just made that up, I think), has a new EP out, Sootopia, and will have a new full-length early next year, sez he. SOOTOPIA by Simo SooFrom Michigan's East Grand Record Co.: The Ruins of Ambition by The EndersThe A-F Records This Concerns Everyone comp is out. Great stuff. V/A - This Concerns Everyone (AF067) by The Homeless Gospel ChoirFrom Artificial Head Records in Houston, these guys from Houston have a 7" for sale, limited to 400 on "splattered vinyl": Hell City Kings by Hell City KingsCourtesy CNQ darlings Grave Mistake Records outta Richmond, VA:

New HC Punk Vinyl From Bandcamp

I enjoy the primacy of hardcore punk rock. This first blast is courtesy my new favorite Australian hc label, Lethal Dose Records. You can pre-order Muzzled's new 7" in hot pink or black. Fellow Aussie hc act Manhunt's self-titled LP is already sold out on the Lethal Dose bandcamp site. Muzzled by Sick MachineFrom Germany's Erste Theke Tontraeger label, here's some cool German action: ETT - 024 - Criminal Code - Salvage EP by Criminal CodeNew Motörhead-inspired punk from Denmark: New Blood by Night FeverEast Coast label Negative Fun Records has this new 7" for your consideration -- Richmond, VA's Hot Dolphin: Body Snatcher b/w Cat Sweaters & Paint Dry 7" by Hot DolphinCzech Phobia Records, new to CNQ, has only 50 copies of a limited mail order edition of this Swedish crustcore 7" (there's also 500 of the regular black vinyl): Irritation - Socialrealismen EP by phobiarecordsFrom Newcastle, Australia, I saved the best for last: T…

Scene Report: Parade of Flesh presents Triathalon, Future War, Roomrunner, and Dope Body at the Double Wide Tavern in Dallas

I meant to do a piece on the Run the Jewels show last Thursday but I didn't. Luckily my lovely wife-time companion has a lot to say about Run the Jewels. Stay tuned! Man, what a good line-up tonight at the Double Wide. Thanks, Parade of Flesh, for doing what you do to get bands like this to Dallas. This was our first visit to the Double Wide Tavern, located in 'the deepest of Ellum," as a guy I work with put it earlier today. Or yesterday. It's late, we got back from the show a little while ago. I am jazzed. Triathlon came on at 9:20 and the room was full, but it was odd because it was mostly normal looking, older people and not the type you usually see at rock'n'roll shows. Turns out the guys in Triathalon, who hail from Georgia, have family and friends here in the D and they came out tonight Texas style to support their boys. Triathalon has a low-key surf rock thing goin' on and the lead singer, Adam Intrator, has a great falsetto. The wife objecti…

New Vinyl from Bandcamp

All of these artists have new records available thru bandcamp: From Germany: TTR 18 - Upper Crust - Virus by Terrortubbies TonträgerHeck yeah, from Brisbane and Lethal Dose Records: Manhunt S/T LP by MANHUNTFrom Mexico/Melbourne: Why Yo / YaYaYaYa - Blue Vinyl 7" by Mesa CosaUntil November 16, Grave Mistake has a sale on all Grave Mistake and Vinyl Conflict releases from 2013. If you use discount code: GM2013 when you checkout, you'll get 25% off any of their 2013 releases, including a few packages/bundles that qualify for 25% off as well. Per their release, "Included in the list are LPs from NIGHT BIRDS, COKE BUST, BIG EYES, SICKOIDS, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE, and THE SHIRKS, plus 7"s from KREMLIN, BARGE, HARD STRIPES, RED DONS, and DEVIL'S HAND! That's around $9.00 for the LPs, less than $4.00 for 7"s, and even cheaper records if you grab one of the package deals." From Fort Wayne, Indiana: Night at Crystal Beach by The SnarksGonna see th…

New Tunes

I've received a couple of e-mails from a PR and plugging company in Manchester called Blue Soap Music. That's cool. I guess if the bands can afford it, it saves them some legwork of getting the word out. Here's some cool stuff Blue Soap is promoting. From New York state: Uroki by KLOZAPINFrom London: From Canada: Antigravity by Ummagma

Korla Pandit: Selections from "The Universal Language of Music Volume 3" (India Records, 1979)

I had a request over on my Google Plus page to re-up some selections from my Korla Pandit album, "The Universal Language of Music," Volume 3. Tone Power was the song I featured in my original post, back in May '13. Spanish Eyes is the first song on the B side of the album and per the label on the record, Pandit performs this track "simultaneously on piano and organ." As far as I can tell, neither song are available anywhere else on the internet. Enjoy!

Listen and download Tone Power:

Download Tone PowerIf the embedded player above doesn't work for you, try this: Tone PowerListen and download Spanish Eyes:
Download Spanish EyesIf the embedded player above doesn't work for you, try this: Spanish Eyes

John Stuckey & the Magic Cowboy Band: "Seeds and Stems" b/w "Scares The Hell Out of Me" (Good Ole Uncle Bob, 1974)

Some rad-ass Texas outlaw country/novelty jawnz tonight. John Stuckey, who wrote both these tracks, had a radio show on KPFT in Houston in the 70s, and also was into demolition derbys. Awesome. The B-side to this 45, "Scares the Hell Out of Me," has been featured on the Dr. Demento Show a couple of times, once in 1975 and once in 2009. As near as I can tell, neither of these tracks are previously available on the Internet, so this is the type of real deal cool stuff CNQ breathes for. Stuckey's son got in contact with me tonight and said his dad was 6'8", and went on to become a renowned tattoo artist, and both Stuckey and Uncle Bob (the label is called Good Ole Uncle Bob) were tattooed dudes. That's pretty cool. Sadly, John Stuckey is no longer with us, having passed away in 2003. Good Ole Uncle Bob also put out Stuckey and the Magic Cowboy's Grandma's Love/Moonlight Mailman 45, and sponsored Stuckey's 6,000 lb. '65 Lincoln in a demoli…