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More Wild Sound.

Last night I meant to do some catching up but got sidetracked with the interesting output of guitarist and songwriter Mark Palm. So here's what's new in my inbox from the bands and labels I follow on bandcamp: Houston's Crime Wave I think is defunct but uploaded a few of their albums onto bandcamp today. I've got their Agro-Wax album Nazi Sex/Convulsion Gospels and it's rad. Here's an outtake from the recording session of that LP: Convulsion Gospels Redux by Crime WaveFrom London's La Vida Es Un Mus Discos, this is, according to the bandcamp page, the "official reissue of (a scarce) Dutch punk (record)...THE VULTURES hailed from Epe, in the middle of the Dutch Bible-Belt. They recorded this 4 Track EP in 1981...Reissued replicating the artwork as originally printed but adding a few unseen full colour pictures on the reverse sleeve." They call it a "masterpiece of Dutch punk." Pretty cool. Who knew there was a Dutch Bible-Belt. S/…

Madd Blake and the Stalins, Miss Her Beer, and Mark Palm

Man I need to share a 45 to stay legit. Maybe next week. In the meantime, here's some new stuff. Madd Blake and the Stalins are from Puerto Rico and play Cramps-inspired "primitive rock'n'roll," which I can dig for sure. Here's a live video from their first live gig, performed just last week. Bless this Internet! CNQ's gunk-buddy jllull has a new rock'n'roll print zine called Miss Her Beer so go order it after you're done here. She's also been keeping a music blog called Punk Gunk that I've been unaware of until this evening, but glad I found out about it. The name, I think, is inspired by the Punk Gunk, Garage, Psych & Wild Shit facebook page, a group that, after's mishandling and demise, stuck around and kept cool. Blogger's having problems with its blog list widget, by the way. I'm proud of the ridiculously long blog list I have that dates back three years, but keeps the most recently p…

New Punk y Hip-Hop

Rippin' 80s-style hc from Savannah: Self Sabotage by The Anxiety JunkiesMore hc, this from the UK: Split 7 (with Volunteers) by THE DOMESTICSHip-hop from Austin: Mississippi's Criminal Slang, from a new split with Dallas' Pavel Chekov: Criminal Slang/ Pavel Chekov Split by CRIMINAL SLANGSpeaking of Pavel Chekov, here's a live track from a tape release the band is making available at live shows only: TOUR TAPE JUNE 2015 by PAVEL CHEKOV

New Music.

Dallas' warpcore purists Pavel Chekov have a new split with Mississippi's Criminal Slang coming out in ten days. Here's the Pavel Checkov side -- 10 minute, 11 song blast: SPLIT W/ CRIMINAL SLANG by PAVEL CHEKOVThe Internet doesn't seem to have anything from the Criminal Slang side of that release, but this is a song of theirs from March 2014: Criminal Slang by Criminal SlangCool Ramonesy rock'n'roll from Ohio. This was released back in 2010, but Berlin's Alien Snatch is offering it up for sale thru digital, CD, and vinyl: WHEELS ON FIRE - Liar, Liar by WHEELS ON FIREFrom Sweden and PNKSLM: Melt EP by Magic PotionPortland's Resurrection Records is offering this colored 7" split featuring Hag Face and Babysitter. Hag Face are from Alberta. This is wild. Split by Hag FacePowerviolence from Edinburgh: Anthrophobia (preview track) by Godhole Vs. CrozierEgghunt Records has this new synth-pop from Denver available on black vinyl 7":