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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Matt Gurley Sampler (2010-2012)

Fellow Matt Matt Gurley is a stay-at-home dad who lives with his family and cats in Moore, Oklahoma. He's been a musician for 25 years now and writes and records bad-ass genre-jumpers in his spare time. Think Beck, Ween, and They Might Be Giants, and you get an idea of Matt's musical capabilities. He uses Garageband for Mac to record, a blue Alvarez acoustic, a Fender Stratocaster, an Apollo bass guitar (sans frets), shakers, tambourines, snares, toms, and found sounds.

He's buddies with Aaron Aldridge, another Okie rocker who was featured in my Scrambled Channels post from a few days ago; Aaron's exact words in regard to Matt were "an absolutely astonishing genius musician." See for yourself with these five tracks, as Matt jumps from metal ("In The Frozen Lands," with his buddy and another fellow Matt Matt Mason, performing as "The Knights of Mattonia" - cuz they're both Matts, see), to country ("Oklahoma Weather") to Motown ("Hurt a Guy Like Me," with himself as back-up singers) to komedy kraut-rock ("Fascist Dance Party") with equal parts style and pizzazz. His most recent album, "Love Is So Bright," is sweet'n'shoegazy dreampop that will make you wonder why Matt's not making you pay for it. The final song of Matt's posted here, "Red Orange Yellow," is off that album. Pretty frickin' impressive.

Download: In The Frozen Lands

Download: Oklahoma Weather

Download: Hurt a Guy Like Me

Download: Fascist Dance Party

Download: Red, Orange, Yellow