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Monday, September 22, 2014

Adam Holtz: Volume 18 and Postcode: Year of the Zebra - Part One (2014)

Adam Holtz has been the darling of Clean, Nice, Quiet for pretty much ever since I've been posting (a little over two years now!). In previous posts I've gone on about Adam's ear for a great melody in both his ballads and his rockers, his fine songcrafting abilities, and the fact he's a consummate axeman. So I'll just say his new CD, Volume 18, is, not surprisingly, the absolute tops. Adam doesn't have a web presence, so the way to contact him is snail mail:

1616 Abbey Loop
Foley, Alabama 36535

The 25 songs on his new volume (clocking in at 1 hour, 19 minutes) bring his total copyrighted catalog to well over 400 songs. Here's a few of my favorites from Volume 18. The last three songs on the CD are Christmas jams, so I'll be saving those for in a few months. Click on the links below to listen and download:

I Don't Know Why

Keep Stokin' That Fire

Dangerous Lady

That's All I Need

I've Got To Rock

Meanwhile, CNQ's favorite Manx zebracore rockers Postcode have released a new EP: Year Of The Zebra - Part One, on Small Bear Records. It's their second record of 2014, and it is boss sound. It's pay-as-thou-wilt and a limited edition CD-R for order comes with an extra track:

Here's a tumblr post by Mikie from Postcode talking about the EP, along with some photos, and here's the video for the first track, Yggdrasil, by a cat named Venison Lamprey: