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Friday, September 12, 2014

New Sound From Bandcamp

I have seen several headlines on the music websites I follow about Thurston Moore's opinion on black metal. Thurston Moore's music and style have been a real influence on me. But Thurston's off-the-cuff comments on black metal are not headline worthy, and are, in fact, inconsequential. So then why did all the music sites and blogs I follow just regurgitate that headline?

I think it's lazy journalism, but hey, let's listen to some new tunes.

Idiot Stroszek is one guy from Athens, Greece. Here are four tracks from him, I just love this so much - it's everything I love about lo-fi, outsider-type of music - it's mainline rock'n'roll, it's personal art, I daresay it is a soul exposed:

From Lowell, MA. here's the most, man. The most. Sorry State says these guys'll have this on vinyl out this month. Oh, man, this is tight action:

Chiptunes from Ashville, N.C.:

This is from Hamburg, Germany:

From France and Crapoulet Records:

Rad horror-punk from the Basque Country in Spain:

Courtesy Bremen, Germany and Sabotage Records:

Another long one, but so worth it. Harnes Kretzer remix of Clara Engel's Sea Lions. As always, excellent, honest work from Clara. Harnes I'd never heard before but now I'm hip. A stunning song.