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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ear Baby

I'm trying out squarespace and eventually a little advertising over at this new site of mine, Ear Baby. It'll focus on new music from bandcamp, and I hope much more frequently, while I continue to use good old ad-free CNQ to share my record finds.

Truthfully, I dunno if I have the audience to pull this off - I'm not real sure I have an audience - but it never hurts to try.

So, for the near-future of CNQ, expect more of what I initially set off to do with this blog back in 2012 - sharing cool record finds. As always, if you'd like me to share a song of yours, contact me at matt at cleannicequiet dot com. If it's something new, I'll be sharing it over on the new site.

So CNQ. Ear Baby. Clearly, I got time on my hands.