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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New From Bandcamp

Dallas grindcore act Pissed Grave has a new 10 song album streaming on bandcamp that I'm excited about.

Speaking of punk in Texas, these guys are from Fort Worth. Pill Binge is probably the coolest name for a band ever. Pill Binge will be playing with Pissed Grave and some other hardcore acts, including Lycanthropy from the Czech Republic, on May 10 at Three Links in Dallas.

More grind from Edinburgh's awesome Mind Ripper Collective:

These Boston punks are charging $20 for their mp3. Go 'head on, then:

Sauna Youth's new record will be out in June, here's a track from it they've released already:

Here's another one from Sauna Youth, this one from 2013:

CNQ fave pop-punkers Dot Dash have a new album:

Dirtnap Records is offering a digital dl of 20 Mean Jeans singles. How fun is that:

CNQ's favorite freak-out artist Anklepants is touring Europe and has key dates set for the U.S. - he urges U.S. promoters to get in touch with him at

Click here for a 40 minute or so long live video by URSS of Anklepants' last headline show of 2014. Total freak-out, hope he comes to my neck of the woods.

To round out the post we'll swing in another direction with this new jazzy/funky vocal: