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Texas Hip-Hop Du Jour (2012)

It's hot down here in Texas, but not as hot as these three new tracks from three different Texas hip-hop artists! Was that a cheesy intro? I kinda like it. Lejend is from Dallas, and just got done opening up for Kidz in the Hall and Rhymefest in Chicago. This track, Texas Heat, also features local up and comers Jurah Jahveh and Original Soul. Follow Lejend on twitter @texasheat. Texas Heat by Lejend, Jurah Jahveh, Original SoulNext up is Kool BRZ, from Fort Worth -- that's Funkytown to you and me. BRZ is currently setting up a Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana "Be Kool" tour; stay tuned for dates. Funkytown ft. Victory prod by: KCookRocks by KoolBRZ Deno currently resides in San Antonio, but is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. He released "Talk of da South" under his first stage name, YoungCutta, in 2008. In 2011 he toured Belgium, played the Jurbise Beer Festival, and released the single "Air Jamaica" in 2011. His latest, "Well Dese…

Clara Engel: "Lick My Fins" (2009)

Clara Engel is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter whose haunting avant-folk will turn on fans of Will Oldham, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Diamanda Galas, Tom Waits, Vic Chesnutt, and Man Man. Clara's a busy woman: the UK's Vox Humana released her first vinyl EP, Madagascar, last year. Italy's Backwards Music has just released a full-length LP of her's called Tender. She's currently working on a new album, which Montreal's Talking Skull will be releasing sometime before 2013. She's using crowdfunding to get it done, which is a cool idea. She has a new EP called "The Lovebird's Throat," coming out on Bandcamp on July 17th. Keep your ears peeled for that! Here's a cool interview with Clara from 2011 where you can also see some of her artwork. This is pro work and I'm super-stoked to get to feature it on Clean, Nice, Quiet! Lick My Fins by Clara EngelAnd here's a Youtube video of Clara performing live:

Scrambled Channels: "Moon Mang" (2012)

My main moon mang Aaron Aldridge created this low-fi sci-rock ditty using found sounds and, a web-based music creator which I'd never heard of, so that's cool. This track is so spacey it's first name should be Kevin. I just made that up! Download: Moon Mang

U.S. HC NOW!!! (2012)

Check this out - a clean, nice, quiet sampling of spanking new hardcore from across these United States, courtesy bandcamp. Vice is a band from Staten Island and proof that hardcore not only lives, but it's still angry as all get out. They have a full length album "You Made Us This Way" available on their bandcamp page -- twenty visceral, gripping tracks, with lyrics that rail against everything there is to hate, yet still celebrate what nerds like me call the cathartic, redemptive power of rock'n'roll. Vice will play anywhere, anytime, and can be contacted at vicehc at gmail dot com. Here's Vice's stats: BASS RIG: James Nappo
750watt Line6 bass head
2-15 Mesa Boogie cab
Fender American Jazz Bass LEAD GUITAR: Dom Manzi
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head
Boss Noise Suppressor pedal
Boss Chromatic Tuner pedal
ESP-LTD EC-400 guitar RHYTHM GUITAR: Mike Scotto
Carvin V3 guitar head
Boss Chromatic tuner pedal
ESP-LTD EC-1000 guitar DRUM SETUP: Tom…

Adam Holtz Sampler (1998-2005)

Last month I shared Adam Holtz's 1980 single "Party Hardy," and a few weeks later was thrilled to see the man himself had contacted me -- and not to tell me to remove the post! Instead, he wanted to send me some of his new stuff, as he's still alive and kicking and making music. I got his 12 song CD in the mail today, all songs written and performed by Adam, recorded on a four track home portastudio between 1998-2005. Adam grew up in Lafayette, Indiana, and moved to Arlington, Texas in 1976, at the age of 16. He won the Terry Award in 1981, People's Choice Entertainer Of The Year and 1984 Best Single Act in the Metroplex. He performed at Billy Bob's on the main stage in 1982 for the Terry Awards show doing The Everly Brother's "Let It Be Me." As for the CD he shared with me, the ballads and mellow tracks are melodic and pretty, the rockers are bloozy and funky, and it's all catchy, honest, polished for being recorded on a four trac…