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Just a Little Checkin' In

First, did you know Clean, Nice, Quiet has an Etsy shop now? Wearing one of our morally bankrupt t-shirts will show everyone. EVERYONE! (laughs maniacally.) Super cool bandcamp feature on some 60s Peruvian chicha with three great songs. As always, more later.

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Sunday!

NOON! Noon on the Black Stage is Melborne's totally metal 4ARM. I like this a lot: The Metalluminati Mixtape by 4ARMBlue Stage at 12:10 is Houston's Bagheera, a 21 year old dude who does what us heavy metal kids used to call "techno" back in the 1990s: Lemuria from Buffalo NY is on the Orange Stage at 12:30. This is pretty cool: The Distance Is So Big by LemuriaI think 4ARM and then Lemuria for my Sunday Starters. ONE! On the Black Stage at 12:50 is Dallas' True Window, which purports to be a combo of stoner rock and shoegaze: Circumambulation by True WidowChet Faker from Melbourne is on the Blue Stage at 1:10. Not really my bag: At 1:20 on the Orange Stage is Santa Monica's Cayucas (formerly Oregon Bike Trails). This is okay but I think that sound where the vocals are coming from down a hallway is hacky: High School Lover 7" by Oregon Bike TrailsTWO! On the Black Stage at 1:45 is metal-heads Narrows, from Seattle: 2:15 on the Blue …

Big Freedia

I'm really excited about seeing Big Freedia @ Fun Fun Fun Fest this year. This song he did with Katey Red and Akron/Family has been in my head since I heard it a couple of days ago: Here's some more awesome:

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Saturday Part Deux!

THREE! 3:15 on the Blue Stage is the Flatbush Zombies from Brooklyn. This is pretty good but I'm starting to bristle at a song that begins "Unhh...yeah." C'mon, man. Flatbush ZOMBiES - Thug Waffle (Prod.ErickArcElliott) by flatbush zombiesMelt Banana is apparently a legendary noise band from Toyko that I've never heard of. Now that I have heard it, it seems like a must-see. They'll take the Black Stage at 3:20 on Saturday: She-median Jenny Slate is going to be on the Yellow Stage at 3:35. The wife wants to see her. At 3:40 on the Orange Stage is Thurston Moore's Chelsea Light Moving. As each day of the concert moves forward, I'm bummed about scheduling conflicts between stages. Never having seen Sonic Youth, I'd like to see Thurston Moore's new project. Never having heard of Melt Banana, which has been playing almost as long as Sonic Youth apparently, I'd really like to see them too. Oh, the agony. So hopefully I…

Fun Fun Fun Fest Saturday Doin's Part One

Saturday Noon to 2:30 is all I could cover tonight. NOON! At 11:55, the LNS (Leaders of the New School) Crew from Austin kicks things off on the Blue Stage. I featured one of the members of the LNS Crew, Kydd, on a CNQ post back in December of '12. LNS CREW by LNS CREWVenemous Maximous, heavy metal from Houston, opens up the Black Stage at noon: The Mission by Venomous MaximusAlso at noon, on the Orange Stage, is Frank Smith from Austin, which is a band, not a dude: Sell music on Amazon at If we sleep in and miss the first round on Saturday I wouldn't be terribly upset. ONE! At 12:45 on the Blue Stage is the ambient minimalist melodies of Austin's Roger Sellers. At 12:50 on the Orange Stage is another Austin band, Ola Podrida. This song is cool: 12 year old heavy metal kids from Brooklyn Unlocking the Truth are gonna be on the Black Stage at 12:50: Unlocking the Truth is a must-see, I feel. ONE-THIRTY! Big Black Delta is on the…

Fun Fun Fun Fest Friday Sampler

Fun Fun Fun Fest is happening down in Austin at the end of next week -- so many bands, it's pretty overwhelming. I'm disappointed the Death Grips have cancelled but whatevs. Mostly to help myself wrap my head around the entertainment, here's a rundown of the noise on Friday: Phranchyze, hip-hop from Austin, will be on the Blue Stage at 12:10: 3 by PhranchyzeSpray Paint, garage rock from Austin, will start on the Black Stage at 12:20: Dripping the Rails by spray paintThe Tontons, rock with a lady singer from Houston, will be on the Orange Stage at 12:35: Veida by The TontonsI think we're gonna catch the Tontons during this opening volley. RATKING, "no wave rap" from NYC, is on the Blue Stage at 1PM: Black Stage at 1:10 is the Code Orange Kids, heavyosity from Pittsburgh: Love Is Love//Return To Dust by Code Orange KidsOn the Orange Stage at 1:25 is Active Child, electronic music from LA. Not really my bag but check out that link to his sound…