Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All That New New From Bandcamp

Got a lot of new stuff tonight, a few of the labels I follow opened their floodgates this month. Prepare to rock: all of what follows is killer action.

From Negative Fun Records, this new four song e.p. from Daddy Issues is available on limited edition smokey pink tape shell cassette for $5. I don't care for the cassette revival myself, but I understand they're easy and cheap to put out. I have boxes of those hissy, worthless things in the closet and nothing to play them on. Still, this is cool:

Crapoulet Records has this awesome available as pay what thou wilt. 47 punk songs that average 45 seconds a piece, nothing comes too close to the two minute mark. Whoa!

New Orleans' Buck Biloxi and the Fucks have their first album digitally available, dl for $10:

Old Manx pals Postcode have a new Limited Edition CD-R available. 7 songs for what I think is $5 or so USD plus that shipping.

I love this grindcore I discovered courtesy Baltimore's SPHC Records. What is wrong with these guys?! Someone help them:

This set is all wild new releases from the SPHC bandcamp page, more of what my wife calls "an awful racket":

From Germany's ETT:

Also from ETT, I'm into this fascist Devo rip-off:

From Grave Mistake Records, DC's Red Death's new new:

Frantic City Records has this 2 song e.p. for five euros, digital download. I like both songs:

Reno's Slovenly Records has this fun stuff - vinyl 45s for $5.25 and shipping, or $2 digital dl:

Indie pop-rock from Pittsburgh:

This is a new label to me, 6131 from Los Angeles. Really like this track:

And best for last, pay what thou wilt Canadian punk-out. Love it:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sweaters and Pearls

Jason over at the awesome 7inches blog has been busy with his Sweaters & Pearls label. Here's some cool vinyl he has for sale:

"You Are Not Going To Heaven" is a 2011 six song e.p. from Brooklyn band Soccer Mom, on really beautiful white vinyl, courtesy Sweaters and Pearls and 100m Records. Good Sonic Youth-esque rock, $13 bucks and shipping. I'm serious about that white vinyl, it is exquisite looking.

Soccer Mom: "Natural History"

Soccer Mom: "Natural History"

Reminds me a little of The Trouble with Sweeney cover of Listen To What the Man Says:

These 45s are all $5 and shipping from Sweaters and Pearls:

Fat History Month is from the Boston area. Sweaters and Pearls is running out of this 7", recorded in 2009. The last thirty copies are hand-painted. Sweet mustard yellow vinyl. Here's my fave of the four tracks:

Fat History Month: "Heart Takes A Beating"

Fat History Month: "Heart Takes A Beating"

Sweaters and Pearls pressed 300 red vinyl copies of R. Stevie Moore's "I Miss July" b/w "Traded My Heart For Your Parts." "I Miss July" was originally recorded in 1978, the b-side was recorded in 1994. I've never heard of R. Stevie Moore before - he's been recording for over 40 years. I'll say it again: I love this hobby. This is my favorite of this post's set.

R. Stevie Moore: "I Missed July"

R. Stevie Moore: "I Missed July"

Harpoon Forever is New Jersey's WFMU DJ Alex Goldstein. Sweaters and Pearls sez to think 90s indie rock, Silver Jews, and The Strapping Fieldhands. Man, I'd never heard of The Strapping Field Hands. Again, I love this hobby. This is all killer stuff.

Harpoon Forever: "Chickens"

Harpoon Forever: "Chickens"

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Land of Blood and Sunshine, Modern Life is War, La Urss, Midnight Plus One, Leroy and the Drivers, and Simo Soo

I like this new psych-pop from Marshalltown, Iowa. You can order the 12" yellow vinyl of Land of Blood and Sunshine's Aeon from Very Nice Dementia:

I was reading the Wikipedia page for Marshalltown, Iowa, because I was like, what's up with there? And it said one of the town's notable exports is a band called Modern Life Is War, who I've never heard of, but this sounds cool:

Synchronicity: I read on Bremen's Sabotage Records newsletter that band Terrible Feelings new LP Tremors will be out in April, just in time for their tour with the aforementioned Modern Life is War.

Here's something else cool from Sabotage, coming out in March:

You can pre-order Limited Edition Red Shell Cassettes of this sweet action from Negative Fun Records, run out of North Carolina and New Hampshire.

Germany's Tramp Rec is in the habit of re-issuing awesome stuff on vinyl:

Life isn't complete without a Simo Soo track, this from 2011, but I just heard it for the first time, and it sounds fresh as all get out:

Monday, February 2, 2015

Savageheads, G.L.O.S.S., Glazed Baby, Clara Engel, Lucern Raze, HOLY, No Love

This great punk EP from Boston's Savageheads was released last June, but I just found out about them through CNQ's favorite Croatian distro, Doomtown Records, who has the mp3s for sale for $2 and change - they may have the vinyl too, I'm not sure. Doesn't look like anyone else on the Internet does.

This transgender hc awesomeness from Olympia has a 7" in the works. It's pay what thou wilt for mp3s in the meantime. Dig that d-beat:

I feel like I mighta shared this already, but just in case, it bears repeating. These Rhode Island noise punks recorded this in 1996, and then more was added a couple of years later. It's their last recording and Providence's Atomic Action released it onto the web, 10 songs for $5. Oh man, it's awesome:

CNQ's favorite Toronto-based singer-songwriter has two new rad tracks available for $2 USD. I don't think I've ever seen Canadian money. Maybe they just trade in good vibes. J/K. No joke though, Engel gets better and better with each release. A singular voice and talent:

From Burger and PNKSLM, this garage single from Stockholm equals awesome. Album coming in late February:

Also from PNKSLM, check out this garage-psych from HOLY (Not to be confused with the Italian hc outfit HOLY). This album is due out March 11, pre-order from the PNKSLM site if you want it, as it seems to be selling fast:

Sorry State has a new single out in their North Carolina series of singles. This is their second, sounds great. The first one featuring the The Davidians is really good too.