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Two Spookernatural Tracks From the CNQ Vinyl Vault of Horrors!

Composer Hans J. Salter was born in Vienna in 1896, studied music there and had a career in Berlin and Vienna before coming to America after the Nazis came to power in Europe. Hired by Universal in 1937, Salter made a career of scoring films of various genres, but horror movies became his particular forte, having scored more Universal horror flicks during their Golden Age than anyone else. "The Ghost of Frankenstein" is his first major one, but he also did The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Mole People, and many others. 1942's "The Ghost of Frankenstein" starred Lon Chaney Jr. as the Monster, and Bela Lugosi as Ygor. As of this writing, Bela Lugosi remains dead. This track, "Monster Kidnaps Child," is from Side B of a limited edition LP, "The Ghost of Frankenstein: The Complete Classic Film Score Composed and Conducted by Hans J. Salter," put out in 1979 and produced in association with Salter Music Pub…

Krampus Records: "Dig It! -Or- Beat It!" (2010)

Happy Halloween! Here's a groovy little ten song compilation of wild y spooky new garage punk from all over the world, courtesy Puerto Rico's Krampus Records. None of these songs have been released before, all are rad, and it's free to listen and download! What more do you want from the Internet??! Dig It! -Or- Beat It! by Krampus Records Vol.2

Quick Blast of October Releases

Tonight I'll catch up a little more on new October releases from CNQ regulars, and hopefully do one more new releases post this week to get caught up before an upcoming special Halloween post from an old record. This is from a new live EP from Swedish alt-rockers and CNQ fave Dog, Paper, Submarine, and Manx label Small Bear Records: Mother's milk and funny hats by Dog, Paper, SubmarineDallas' own self-professed greatest emcee in the world has a new digital album available for $10 on bandcamp. We caught this cat live a few months ago, opening for Kool Keith and DJ Q-Bert, and he was really impressive. After you finish listening to the rest of the songs here you can go listen to the whole We Buy Gold album over at We Buy Gold by Playdough & Sean PatrickRippin' two song hardcore punk digital release from Spain's Orden Mundial and London label La Vida Es Un Mus Discos: El Nuevo Sonido Balear 7" by Orden MundialMore punk rock from D…

New Hip-Hop y Punk from Early October

The following catches us up with CNQ faves from the first week or so of October. Great new hip-hop, rad video. This premiered on The Source but just in case you missed it, check it out. "Put a rapper in a wheelchair like Degrassi" wins my vote for coolest line of 2015: More wild stuff from the same duo, featuring DJ Starscream of Slipknot: And one more, featuring Kurupt and a MASH sample: Instrumental hip-hop from CNQ frequent feature artist Sir Froderick. You can pre-order the vinyl, due out Spring of next year: SONGS ABOUT H.E.R. by SONS OF FRODNew rock video from California twins and Burger Records: If yr truly hep, you know this is a supergroup featuring members of Tacocat, Chasity Belt, and Pony Time. If yr not so hep, get that way: Women's Rights by ChildbirthSong, by Toad Records has put out a comp of new Scottish lo-fi rock bands called David Cameron's Eton Mess, available on vinyl. Here's one track: David Cameron's Eton Mess by Breakfa…

International Rock'n'Roll Mixtape: 8 New Songs from Around the World

Lately, my posts featuring new music have turned into a bit of a broken record - new, cool tunes, but most of 'em from the same bands and labels I follow on Bandcamp and/or get email updates from. So tonight, here's some rad new sounds from bands I've never heard before. A lot of them are from overseas and I think that's the tops, man, bless this internet. These are all from today's new arrivals in the Bandcamp punk genre, and the theme is quick blasts of male-vocal punk, mostly garage-style and mostly lo-fi, but there's some hardcore and crusty stuff thrown in too. If that's your thing, enjoy! Otherwise, you know, I guess you shouldn't bother listening: From Paris, France: EP by BACON FUDGEFrom Barcelona: Silverback by AlimentFrom Kunchukokhabl', Russia: SOMETHING TO SURVIVE by THE FABULOUS FAIRIESFrom Reykjavik, Iceland: Dr. Gunni í sjoppu by Dr. GunniFrom Oslo, Norway: 6 TRÆKK ATÆKK DEMO CS by Internt OppgjørFrom Cincinnati: Fuck…

September Sounds Pt. 2

Ton of stuff this post but it catches us up on CNQ faves from September. From a new Iron Boots LP comp collecting the Virginian hardcore punk band's complete discography, courtesy Grave Mistake Records and Triple B Records. Solid hc: Complete Discography by Iron BootsDebut album from hip-hop duo Mirage512 and Side Effect. Top notch "grown man rap": World Renown by The UndergrindSpeaking of grown man rap, Big Pooh of Little Brother fame has a new album out with producer Nottz: Australia's Simo Soo has a new ten track album out too. Glitch pop? Digital glam-rap? Noisy no-rave forever: VITAMINZZZ by Simo SooLo-fi fun from Lexington, Kentucky. 17 track cassette available through Burger Records: Todays Hits by Todays HitsTwo tracks from an unreleased split, courtesy Baltimore's SPHC records. Audacious noise punk, I love it: UNRELEASED: Merciless Game/The Cabbageheads split 7" (SPHC-37) by SPHC RecordsUNRELEASED: Merciless Game/The Cabbageheads split…

September Sounds Pt. 1

A month passes like nothing, to paraphrase Gilbert Shelton. This post will catch us up on a handful of new releases from some CNQ faves; more new stuff that came out in September will follow in my next post. Topical lo-fi from England's The Bordellos: Prime Minister! Remove Your Pork Sword From The Dead Pig's Mouth! by The BordellosHC lo-fi from Pennsylvania: Home Recordings: Volume 4 by x=Two new singles from Puerto Rico's primitivist punks Madd Blake and the Stalins: Wild new song/video from a band out of Lima, Peru: Excellent new 3 song EP from Brisbane punks: ETT - 034 - Woodboot - Crime Time LP ( 3 TEASER TRACKS ) by Woodboot