Sunday, May 29, 2016

CNQ Podcast #16

40 minutes of new trash, hc, psych, and synth punk; plus new vaporwave and synth-pop, 90s lo-fi, and 60s bubblegum rock.

Stress Factor: “Attack!” (Just A Tape, 2016)
Puddle of Blood: “Regrets” (Crack Yr Skull, 2016)
Amphetamine: “Nail Me To the Cross” (Amphetamine Demo Cassette, Rat Trax, 2016)
Butch Meathook: “Donald Trump’s Monster Truck (Feel The Magic)” (S/T, 2016)
Weel Byte: “Skatings Cool Your Not” (Demo, City of Dis, 2016)
Portastatic: “San Andreas Crouch” (San Andreas Crouch 7”, Esther Records, 1994)
Guided By Voices: “The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone” (The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone 7”, Chunk Records, 1995)
Girls Against Boys: “Bulletproof Cupid” (Bulletproof Cupid 7”, Touch and Go, 1993)
Doctor Nod: “My Melon” (Top Tips, Clean Nice Quiet, 2016)
Nervous Curtains: “Low Defender” (Low Defender,  2016)
Nettle: “Get Out” (S/T, 2016)
Crime Department: “Physical Wi-Fi” (Physical Wi-Fi, 2016)
Dan Mason: “Tonight” (Miami Virtual, 2015)
Ohio Express: “Mercy” (Mercy 7”, Buddha Records, 1969)
Jef Elise Barbara: “Sexe Machin/Sex Machine” (Sexe Machin/Sex Machine 7”, Fixture Records, 2016)
GAR GAR: “Mutant” (GAR GAR, 2016)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Rock'n'Roll Round-Up

This is from a three song EP from a Chicago band called The Speed Babes. Lo-fi garage punk:

Iowa's Workerbee Records is putting out some sweet lo-fi punk, check out their Ugly Singles Club Series. Here's a band called Skeptics in that series, from France:

From a new 13 song post-punk album called "Form & Zweck," by German band Human Abfall. Put out by German label Sounds of Subterrania:

Dinoczar is from Boston, this is off their new 10 song cassette release "Sick Wind." Gold shelled cassette! Noisy guitar rock:

And from Montreal, Jef E. Barbara, whose new 7" "Sexe Machin/Sex Machine" is available courtesy Montreal label Fixture Records. Ordering the 7" on bandcamp also gets you a Jef Elise Barbara lapel pin. Very cool electro-pop:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Punk and Rock'n'Roll from Bandcamp

Scotland's Mind Ripper Collective has just released a three song tribute EP to grindcore legend Assück. Contributing bands are Dallas' Pavel Chekov, California's Gruk, and Indiana's Nak'ay. From MRC's bandcamp site you can pre-order the less than three minute long EP on a lathe-cut 5" flexi or pay what you will DL:

New 5 song demo EP from a band called Croche, courtesy Montreal's Runstate Records:

The UK's Vukovar has a new video for their song "The Blood Garden," off their new album "Voyeurism," available on bandcamp from Small Bear Records:

Jay over at Dynamite Hemorrhage already shared this gem from London's La Vida Es Un Mus, but it's worth sharing again:

Speaking of something you know about all ready:

CNQ Podcast #15

Russ Morgan: “Cruising Down the River” (Decca 7", 1949)
Krankjoram: “Social Anxiety” (“Disabled Out Loud!, Bandcamp, 2016)
Fugitive Family: “Libyan Lunchbox” (“The Saddest Story Ever Told 7”, Torture Garden Picture Company, 2011)
Gush: “Gud Gurl” (“Naughty NuFF”, Ooey Gooey Tapes, 2015)
Girlband: “Liberal Male Ponytail” (Hotter Than Love, Bandcamp, 2016)
Illstie Boys: “Girls” (“A HC Punk Tribute to Beastie Boys from the Middle of the World,” Bandcamp, 2016)
The Viscounts: “Dig” (B-Side of “Harlem Nocturne” 7”, originally released on Madison Records in 1959, my copy is from a re-issue from Flashback Records, circa 1960s)
Luis Daniel Quintana: “La Vieja Mia” (“Seven Skeletons Found In The Yard : Trinidad Calypsos 1928-1947,” Mississippi Records, 2014)
The Chordettes: “Soft Sands” (B-Side of “Just Between You and Me”, originally released on Cadence in 1957, this recording is from a re-issue put out by Barnaby Records sometime in the 1960s)
Brooklyn Bridge: “Your Kite My Kite” (B-Side to “Worst That Could Happen” 7”, Buddah  Records, 1969)
Shit Present: “Anxious Type” (“Shit Present,” Specialist Subject Records, 2015)
The Tasty Wangs: “Satan’s Got Your Back” (“The Tasty Wangs Go Goth,” Bandcamp, 2016
Kiril Kondrashin & the Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra: “Shostakovich: ‘Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47 (second movement)’ (“The First Releases,” Melodiya/Angel, 1967

Monday, May 9, 2016

New Rock'n'Roll Videos from Sweden and France; New Rock from Pittsburgh, Michigan, and The Isle of Man

Loyal Quieteers (both of you) might have noticed it's been a couple of months since I've done a regular old CNQ blog post. I've been having a lot of fun with the podcast. But, that's my typical M.O. I'll go hard on a new project and focus on it to the detriment of anything else for a while, then eventually come back around to whatever it was I was doing before I got manic about the new thing.

So anyway, here's some new rock'n'roll.

From Malmö, Sweden's Shallow Shit Records, here's a new video from "spiritualist musical collective" Piglet Outlet:

From Strasbourg, France, here's another new video, this from the band Slaap:

Two new heavy tracks from a new split put out by two Pittsburgh bands, Cyrus Gold and T-Tops:

Bobby Hatch is a bluesy rock'n'roll band from Michigan with a new album out. Songs are in a Jack White vein:

Finally, what CNQ post would be complete without something from Small Bear Records? Here's an awesome, noisy tune from Small Bear's first ever live EP. It's a four song EP and this is the last track, from Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed (which is four-fifths of CNQ dears Postcode, also featured on the EP):

Sunday, May 8, 2016

CNQ Podcast #14, plus New Videos from Mirage512 and Dog, Paper, Submarine

A little over 40 minutes of tunes, a free-form mix of new punk, rock, hip-hop, Americana, Latin big band and jazz from the mid-20th century, psych from the 60s, and a Tammy Faye Bakker song. Tammy sings tonight on CNQ!

The Sweathearts: “Man Meat” (from “Boner Jamzzz,” available on Bandcamp, 2016)
Dog, Paper, Submarine: “View From The Sidewalk” (available on Bandcamp, from the forthcoming mini lp “Trouble On Earth,” 2016)
Mirage512: “It Don’t Stop” (from “The Amelioration Collection,” available on Soundcloud, 2016)
The Monkberries: “Wide Prairie” (from “Black Star/Wide Prairie” available on Bandcamp, 2016)
Xavier Cugat: “Miami Beach Rhumba” (from "Cugat Calvacade," Columbia, 1958)
Crime Department: “Snooze” (from “Bad Sex” EP, available on Bandcamp, 2016)
GUSH: “Where The Fuck Is My Skin” (from "Naughty NuFF," Ooey Gooey Tapes, 2015)
Swimsuit Addition: “Sister” (from demo off “Dumb Dora,” due out 2017, 2016)
Elephant’s Memory: “Jungle Gym at the Zoo” (from “Elephant’s Memory,” Kama Sutra, 1969)
The Miles Davis Quintet: “Drad Dog” (from "The Headliners, Vol 2," Columbia, 1961)
Neurotic Wreck: “Let’s Make Hate” (from “Priceless, Bloody Priceless,” available on Bandcamp, 2016)
Tammy Faye Bakker: “You Can Make It” (from “You Can Make It,” PTL Records and  Tapes, 1982)
Also, tonight, here's two new videos. First up is new hip-hop from Austin's Mirage512, off his The Amelioration Collection, available on Soundcloud. Mirage512's song "It Don't Stop," also from The Amelioration Collection, is featured on the new podcast (see above).

MIRAGE512 (@MIRAGE512) - MY PEOPLE from MIRAGE512 on Vimeo.

Next up is the new video for Dog, Paper, Submarine's new song, "View From the Sidewalk," from their upcoming mini-lp "Trouble On Earth." "View From the Sidewalk" also featured on tonight's podcast! Dog, Paper, Submarine is from Sweden.


Dog, Paper, Submarine - View From The Sidewalk from Tobias Åström on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

CNQ Podcast #13

All sorts of rock'n'roll from the 1960s-80s, plus Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring!

Captain Beyond: “Sufficiently Breathless” (from “Sufficiently Breathless,” Capricorn Records 1972)

Sebastian Cabot and Irving Spice: “All I Really Want To Do” (from “Sebastian Cabot: Actor; Bob Dylan: Poet,” MGM Records, 1967)

1910 Fruitgum Company: “Goody Goody Gumdrops” (from “Goody Goody Gumdrops” 7”, Buddah Records, 1968)

Green: “Gotta Get A Record Out” (from “Epic Presents The Unsigned Volume II,” Epic Records, 1987)

Three Hits: “Lori (Last Girl On The Beach)” (from “Epic Presents The Unsigned Volume II,” Epic Records, 1987)

The Sinceros: “Take Me To Your Leader” (from “The Now Wave Sampler,” CBS Records, 1979)

Igor Stravinsky and The New York Philharmonic: “The Rites of Spring” (Columbia, 1940; digital transfer by F. Reeder, from

The Exotic Guitars: “I Will Wait For You” (b-side from the “Blueberry Hill” 7”, Ranwood, 1968)