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CNQ Podcast #16

40 minutes of new trash, hc, psych, and synth punk; plus new vaporwave and synth-pop, 90s lo-fi, and 60s bubblegum rock.

Stress Factor: “Attack!” (Just A Tape, 2016) Puddle of Blood: “Regrets” (Crack Yr Skull, 2016) Amphetamine: “Nail Me To the Cross” (Amphetamine Demo Cassette, Rat Trax, 2016) Butch Meathook: “Donald Trump’s Monster Truck (Feel The Magic)” (S/T, 2016) Weel Byte: “Skatings Cool Your Not” (Demo, City of Dis, 2016) Portastatic: “San Andreas Crouch” (San Andreas Crouch 7”, Esther Records, 1994) Guided By Voices: “The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone” (The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone 7”, Chunk Records, 1995) Girls Against Boys: “Bulletproof Cupid” (Bulletproof Cupid 7”, Touch and Go, 1993) Doctor Nod: “My Melon” (Top Tips, Clean Nice Quiet

Rock'n'Roll Round-Up

This is from a three song EP from a Chicago band called The Speed Babes. Lo-fi garage punk: i know you wanna look cool (EP) by The Speed BabesIowa's Workerbee Records is putting out some sweet lo-fi punk, check out their Ugly Singles Club Series. Here's a band called Skeptics in that series, from France: Ugly Singles Club 003 - Psychic Con EP by SkepticsFrom a new 13 song post-punk album called "Form & Zweck," by German band Human Abfall. Put out by German label Sounds of Subterrania: Form & Zweck by Human AbfallDinoczar is from Boston, this is off their new 10 song cassette release "Sick Wind." Gold shelled cassette! Noisy guitar rock: Sick Wind by Dinoczar And from Montreal, Jef E. Barbara, whose new 7" "Sexe Machin/Sex Machine" is available courtesy Montreal label Fixture Records. Ordering the 7" on bandcamp also gets you a Jef Elise Barbara lapel pin. Very cool electro-pop: Sexe Machin / Sex Machine 7" by Jef…

New Punk and Rock'n'Roll from Bandcamp

Scotland's Mind Ripper Collective has just released a three song tribute EP to grindcore legend Assück. Contributing bands are Dallas' Pavel Chekov, California's Gruk, and Indiana's Nak'ay. From MRC's bandcamp site you can pre-order the less than three minute long EP on a lathe-cut 5" flexi or pay what you will DL: Assück - The Shortest Tribute In The World 5" (MRIP021) by Mind Ripper CollectiveNew 5 song demo EP from a band called Croche, courtesy Montreal's Runstate Records: CROCHE - Demo by CROCHEThe UK's Vukovar has a new video for their song "The Blood Garden," off their new album "Voyeurism," available on bandcamp from Small Bear Records: Jay over at Dynamite Hemorrhage already shared this gem from London's La Vida Es Un Mus, but it's worth sharing again: Going Places 7" by PrimetimeSpeaking of something you know about all ready: Huff My Sack LP by Lumpy & The Dumpers

CNQ Podcast #15

Russ Morgan: “Cruising Down the River” (Decca 7", 1949) Krankjoram: “Social Anxiety” (“Disabled Out Loud!, Bandcamp, 2016) Crime Wave: “Mongo Sex Trade” (from “Nazi Sex Back To Back With Convulsion Gospels,” Agrowax Records, Torture Garden Picture Company, 2012) Fugitive Family: “Libyan Lunchbox” (“The Saddest Story Ever Told 7”, Torture Garden Picture Company, 2011) Gush: “Gud Gurl” (“Naughty NuFF”, Ooey Gooey Tapes, 2015) Girlband: “Liberal Male Ponytail” (Hotter Than Love, Bandcamp, 2016) Illstie Boys: “Girls” (“A HC Punk Tribute to Beastie Boys from the Middle of the World,” Bandcamp, 2016) The Viscounts: “Dig” (B-Side of “Harlem Nocturne” 7”, originally released on Madison Records in 1959, my copy is from a re-issue from Flashback Records

New Rock'n'Roll Videos from Sweden and France; New Rock from Pittsburgh, Michigan, and The Isle of Man

Loyal Quieteers (both of you) might have noticed it's been a couple of months since I've done a regular old CNQ blog post. I've been having a lot of fun with the podcast. But, that's my typical M.O. I'll go hard on a new project and focus on it to the detriment of anything else for a while, then eventually come back around to whatever it was I was doing before I got manic about the new thing. So anyway, here's some new rock'n'roll. From Malmö, Sweden's Shallow Shit Records, here's a new video from "spiritualist musical collective" Piglet Outlet: From Strasbourg, France, here's another new video, this from the band Slaap: Two new heavy tracks from a new split put out by two Pittsburgh bands, Cyrus Gold and T-Tops: CYRUS GOLD/T-TOPS Split 10" by Cyrus Gold/T-TopsBobby Hatch is a bluesy rock'n'roll band from Michigan with a new album out. Songs are in a Jack White vein: Finally, what CNQ post would be complete…

CNQ Podcast #14, plus New Videos from Mirage512 and Dog, Paper, Submarine

A little over 40 minutes of tunes, a free-form mix of new punk, rock, hip-hop, Americana, Latin big band and jazz from the mid-20th century, psych from the 60s, and a Tammy Faye Bakker song. Tammy sings tonight on CNQ! The Sweathearts: “Man Meat” (from “Boner Jamzzz,” available on Bandcamp, 2016) Dog, Paper, Submarine: “View From The Sidewalk” (available on Bandcamp, from the forthcoming mini lp “Trouble On Earth,” 2016) Mirage512: “It Don’t Stop” (from “The Amelioration Collection,” available on Soundcloud, 2016) The Monkberries: “Wide Prairie” (from “Black Star/Wide Prairie” available on Bandcamp, 2016) Xavier Cugat: “Miami Beach Rhumba” (from "Cugat Calvacade," Columbia, 1958) Crime Department: “Snooze” (from “Bad Sex” EP, available on Bandcamp, 2016) GUSH: “Where The Fuck Is My Skin” (from "Naughty NuFF," Ooey Gooey Tapes, 2015) Swimsuit Addition: “Sister” (from demo off “Dumb Dora,” due out 2017, 2016) Elephant’s Memory: “Jungle Gym at the Zoo” (from “Ele…

CNQ Podcast #13

All sorts of rock'n'roll from the 1960s-80s, plus Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring!
Captain Beyond: “Sufficiently Breathless” (from “Sufficiently Breathless,” Capricorn Records 1972)
Sebastian Cabot and Irving Spice: “All I Really Want To Do” (from “Sebastian Cabot: Actor; Bob Dylan: Poet,” MGM Records, 1967)
1910 Fruitgum Company: “Goody Goody Gumdrops” (from “Goody Goody Gumdrops” 7”, Buddah Records, 1968)
Green: “Gotta Get A Record Out” (from “Epic Presents The Unsigned Volume II,” Epic Records, 1987)
Three Hits: “Lori (Last Girl On The Beach)” (from “Epic Presents The Unsigned Volume II,” Epic Records, 1987)
The Sinceros: “Take Me To Your Leader” (from “The Now Wave Sampler,” CBS Records, 1979)
Igor Stravinsky and The New York Philharmonic: “The Rites of Spring” (Columbia, 1940; digital transfer by F. Reeder, from
The Exotic Guitars: “I Will Wait For You” (b-side from the “Blueberry Hill” 7”, Ranwood, 1968)