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Happy Halloween!

Oh man, I love Halloween novelty songs. Monsters are up to all sorts of monkeyshines. Here's a new one I found this season, courtesy WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban: Googling that song I also found this different Witches Brew: Hey girls, you know those sexy occupation costumes (sexy cop/sexy terrorist/sexy Mr. Peanut)? Let's get back to monsters, I say. Monsters can still be sexy! Elvira, to wit. A very sexy monster. Monstress. This song was written by Holly Knight, who wrote Tina Turner's "Better Be Good To Me," Heart's "Never," and a lot of other stuff for big names. She also co-wrote Pat Benetar's "Love Is A Battlefield" and Animotion's "Obsession," AND my favorite Aerosmith song, "Rag Doll," which she co-wrote with Aerosmith. Whoa. I had no idea. From a great album: My buddy turned me on to this cheesy Canadian goodness. It's not really a Halloween novelty song but I've been m…

New Metal, HC Punk, and Noise from Bandcamp (2014)

I like this metal from NY. You can pre-order of Dispossession for six and change USD, get a Bandcamp track and the full album when it's released tomorrow, 10.28.14. Dispossession by DrownNew Finnish punk to the max! Kukkia kaamoksesta by TryerFrom Twistworthy Records down in Austin: GHOST KNIFE "Garrote Guarantee" 7" by Twistworthy RecordsSludgy Noise-core from somewhere in the U.S.: Dead Weight / ESFP split by Eating Scabs For ProteinThis releases Dec. 15 from Trabuc Records up in Michigan. This is rad: -063- AUXILIO s/t LP by TRABUC RECORDS

Alfonso Ramos Y Su Orchestre: "El Sonsonete" and Tony Hernandez and the Latin-Liners (Capri Records, 1970s)

Per the Austin Chronicle's Musicians Register: "Alfonso is known as “El Mero Leon de la Sierra” or “the distinguished silver-headed living legend” among Tejano music fans...In 1998, Alfonso was inducted into the Tejano Music Awards Hall of Fame. In 2002, (he) was inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame." El Sonsonete was the B-side to El Silencio de la Noche. Both songs were on the 1973 Capri Records album, La Unica Mujer. This 45 is catalog #CA-265. The address on the 45 label is in McKinney, Texas. Cool. The 45 label identifies the A-side as a Ranchera song, written by Mexican music legend José Alfredo Jiménez. El Sonsonete has the initials "D.A.R." where the songwriter credit usually is. Not sure what that means, maybe it's a traditional? The 45 label identifies El Sonsonete as cumbia. Listen to Alfonso Ramos and His Orchestra play El Sonsonete: Download El SonsoneteIf the embedded player above doesn't work for you, try this link: El …

Sleater-Kinney, Neil Diamond, Iceage, Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Terrorizer, and More

Not-so-humble brag dept: Rockin' it to that new Sleater-Kinney box set. Each record is a different colored vinyl, the whole thing looks and sounds great. They're sold out of the colored vinyl (it was limited to 3,000 copies), but they're going to press some black vinyl that will be ready in December, per the Sub Pop webstore. Check out this treasure I found on Youtube: Listened to the new Neil Diamond "Melody Road" today on google play, his first on Capitol Records. I dig it the most - it was a totally emotional journey down Melody Road, y'all. Classic Diamond, for sure - all original material. Here's a good Business Insider article and interview by Edouard Guihaire, writing for the AFP, and here's the Billboard review of the album, which also features a recap of his Reddit AMA. He's too cool. I sung Sweet Caroline at karaoke the other week. I tried to get through the new Iceage today, Plowing Into the Fields of Love, put out by Matador. The o…

New Punk: Buck Biloxi and Santoros (2014)

I listened to Dynamite Hemorrhage's podcast for the first time today, and I was blown away. Great stuff. I learned about Buck Biloxi and the Fucks from it. Listen to this: Live At Saturn Bar by Buck Biloxi and the FucksI listened to half of Best Table In Hell, will listen to the other half tomorrow. Man it's just as solid as ever. New from L.A.: ANIMALS by Santoros

Bastards: "Who Cares/Shit For Brains" (Treehouse Records, 1988)

I picked this punk 45 up at Half-Price Books in Dallas for five bucks. It was one of the first ones I bought when I started my little 45 collection, back in '12. I had never heard of Bastards before, I just liked the cover. But today is the first time I've actually listened to this record. I am a spoiled child, buying toys and then not playing with them. Well, I finally got around to it, anyway. Hailing from Minnesota, Bastards were Anthony Martin on bass and vocals, Joachim Breuer on guitar and vocals, and Tommy Rey on drums, though it looks like a cat named Dave Wieland played drums on Who Cares and Shit for Brains. Bastards rocked something one Youtube commenter called "hatecore" and another called "dirt rock" in the late 80s and early 90s. Looks like they released just three 7"s, one EP, and an album called Monticello that was produced by pre-Nirvana Butch Vig (There's also a CD that combines Monticello and the EP). This 45 and Monticello …

Aref: Unknown Song Title (Iranian Pop from the 1960s or 70s)

Today was my first visit to Shake Rag Music in Dallas. Among a whole bunch of other cool stuff the wife and I picked up, I found two 45s with labels written in Arabic. They were pretty scratched but for 75 cents a pop I could afford to take a chance on them. Bottom feedin'! So I snagged these two 45s, each a different label, but both have text only in Arabic. Wild! The song presented below is the only one that plays without a skip, even after I cleaned them up. I still think they're neat. UPDATE: I had guessed this was North African from the 1960s, but I was wrong. Thanks to the cool folks on the facebook page I follow, The Art of the 45 RPM Label, I am told this is Iranian pop by a performer named Aref Arefkia, on the Monogram label. Aref was a popular performer in Iran in the 60s and 70s, and left the country after the Revolution in '79. He lived in London for a while and now lives in Los Angeles. He's still performing after 50 years, check out his web page. I…

New Punk and More From Bandcamp

Saw this on a recent Crapoulet Records update. From Dijon, France: No way by Never AgainI first came across this glammy Ottowan punk courtesy Sorry State Records: Fight For Yourself by ZexHere's some crusty hc from Toronto and Unknown Records: Anglophone en Tabarnack by L'État C'est MoiFrom the Grave Mistake Records update, both of these bands are out of Richmond, VA. I liked both of these so much I went ahead and bought the 7"s. $5 a pop, the True Crime is grey vinyl and the Asylum is pink: True Crime by BreakoutS/T by AsylumThe Sorry State newsletter is chock-full of awesome stuff, like this wild sound from the U.K.: VEXED E.P. by DiE...and this post-punk from Melbourne: Typical System by Total ControlIndie power-psych (I just made that up) from Brooklyn and Old Flame Records, available as a cassette: Radical Dads - Cassette Brain EP by Old Flame Records

Room Full of Strangers: "Guest Bath" (2014), and The Tribe: "24 Hours Everyday" (1989 or 90?)

Because I refuse to be an adult and just go to's some tunes. New from Orlando: GUEST BATH (single, Bad Vacation LP) by Room Full of StrangersCourtesy the Snap Digital Music Store, this is off a best of (1989-2007) from a French garage punk band that was first known as The Tribe, then as The Bang!, then as Scope. If the embed below doesn't work for you, then click here to listen and download The Tribe: 24 Hours Everyday. Another way to download and listen The Tribe's "24 Hours Everyday."Alright, now I gotta go to bed.