Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanxgibbin Mix

Still working my way thru email updates with this post.

First off, a new traditional Fangsgibblin' tune:

From a neat little collection of psych-pop songs put out by Chicago's Trouble in Mind Records:

I dig this bedroom pop From Minneapolis' Lawn Chair Records:

New weirdo stuff from Guiguisuisui, I think from New Zealand:

Incidental music from the score to a new independent movie called "Counting for Thunder." My dad turned me on to this guy from Shreveport. Per the bandcamp page, Futreal built some of the instruments used on this score, including the electric gourd, electric chromatic dulcimer, electric mountain dulcimer, and chromatic gourd dulcimer. The whole album is really cool listening:

Dan Deacon-esque tune from London, apparently this cat makes music on kid's toys and old synths:

The Bristles were a Swedish punk band in the 1980s who broke up in 1985, but got back together in 2008. This is from their latest album, released in late October:

Music video of Australian hardcore from do-no-wrong Lethal Dose Records:

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Alt-Rock from Dublin and Sweden; Hip-Hop from Detroit; HC from California, and Still Not Sure There's A Difference Between Grindcore and Powerviolence...

Donald Trump sucks! That being said, let's get further caught up with email submissions and bandcamp updates:

Alt-rock from a Dublin based band that's been around for six years, but are now calling it quits. This is from their final album, called "Takes Forever."

Psych-pop Krautgaze from Sweden:

Detroit based resident producer for Mello Music Group:

California hardcore stalwarts BL'AST are back after a 20 year interim, with a 2 song EP and Dave Grohl on drums:

Rest of the set list tonight is grindcore and/or powerviolence. After a few years now of enjoying both, I still dunno the difference between them. This is from the UK:

A two song EP from Massachusetts:

Belgian political grindcore band Agathocles has been around for a while, apparently. This is from a full length album originally released in 2001, newly re-released by Poland's Self-Made God:

I tend to like just about everything Baltimore's SPHC puts out. Agathocles and California's Godstomper actually have a split together, from an '89 live show. I'm not sure when this song was originally released:

That brings us up into November for CNQ submissions and updates. More to come.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Rock'n'Roll.

Well, dang. I went back to Fallout 4 but realized I wanted to listen to more new tunes more than I wanted to rebuild civilization and kill mutants. So here's another smattering of sound, catching us further up on CNQ email updates:

Let's start with some rad new hip-hop:

Seven minute long hc punk EP from Canada:

14 song rock'n'roll comp from Cleveland's Quality Time Records:


NYC band that sings in Portuguese:

Two songs from a new three song Boys Age EP:

Four song cassette:

A Brief Interlude From Fallout 4

Our hearts and minds are with our Parisian friends as they deal with the aftermath of the 11/13 attack. It is my contention that compassion and common decency will eventually win against violence, hate, terror, and war. It's certainly going to be an uphill struggle, but truly I tell you, some of you who are living today will not taste death before you see humanity learn to deal with each other in a peaceful and respectful fashion.

Anyway. It's been a month since I went through my email updates, and this batch only covers about a week's worth, but I gotta get back to Fallout 4. I mean, if I don't save the wasteland, then who will?

Let's start with a bloc of cool new female fronted rock'n'roll.

Four song grindcore EP that's like 4 and a half minutes long from Tours, France:

London's La Vida Es Un Mus Discos has re-issued this great kbd punk album from Barcelona's Ultimo Resorte. The band was active from '79 to '84, but this was originally released in 2009. I dunno if it's a best of, or what, but it's really rad:

I heart Canada's Hag Face:

CNQ's favorite Manx alt-rockers Postcode have a new 5 track live album, recorded for Internet radio station Dandelion Radio:

Found these awesome punk tracks courtesy the Sorry State Records update:

From Oakland, CA. 7" available on their bandcamp page:

From London:

From North Carolina:

From Brooklyn:

From Portland's Resurrection Records, I'm not sure where the band is from. Cool fuzzy garage rock:

More rock'n'roll from Resurrection Records:

New hip-hop from Detroit:

Finnish no-wavey noise rock. From a full length album that's very Beefheartian:

CNQ's favorite Japanese lo-fi pop artiste, Boys Age, has a new 13 track album, available for dl or on cassette:

From Toronto, this is from a really rockin' 6 song EP:

Ramones-esque rock'n'roll from Costa Rica:

Heck yeh, from Sweden:

A funky/dance-able ditty from Glasgow to round out the set:

More later. Stay strong, remain vigilant, and don't let assholes spoil your party!

Monday, November 9, 2015

R.I.P. (?) More Noisy Neighbors

Did a little housecleaning tonight on the Noisy Neighbors sidebar...excised blogs that haven't posted in 3 months or more. Some good ones on this list, and truthfully, some I never got a chance to check out:

WFMU's Beware of the Blog
The Styrofoam Drone
tiny grooves
Like Sugar: Synth & Indie Pop
Dad's 45s
I Could Die Tomorrow
Art for Spastics
the "A" side
the "B" side
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The strange experience of music
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Derek's Daily 45

New Punk: HC Crust, Grindcore, Synth and Garage...mostly from Dallas but a couple from Denton and one from Salt Lake City.

This show is going on right now in Fort Worth, I've been wanting to see Pavel Chekov for a while but fate keeps conspiring against me. This time, it's a Monday night and we just got back from vacation, so we're too pooped to party. Here's a song from each of the bands playing tonight:

Female fronted crusty doom from DFW:

From Denton:

"Progressive Crust" from Salt Lake City:

I've featured this track and other songs from Dallas' Pavel Chekov several times before, but they always bear repeating:

Anyway, if I wasn't such a boring wuss I'd just drive out to that show. This first song is from Denton, but the three after that are all new releases from Dallas:

Grindcore from a full length released back in March. Apparently these guys have been around for a while:

Brand new Spanish synth-punk:

Noisy garage, released October 30th:

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Quick Mix for Work Tomorrow

I'm lax in posting this month's CNQ faves, but here's a few interesting new arrivals in Bandcamp:

Crust 7" from the Czech Republic:

Four tracks of lo-fi pop from Iceland:

Live from Australia: