Monday, February 29, 2016

Checking Out My Soundcloud Feed

New Quieteer Kale and his band Doctor Nod got a super positive shout-out on Dynamite Hemorrhage this weekend, which is one of our fave podcasts, and we couldn't be more excited. Check out the full show here when you get a chance:

Kale and I have been blowing up each other's phones with ideas for CNQ here lately, it's been a lot of fun. He recommended I get more into Soundcloud, which I neglect in favor of Bandcamp for various reasons. But, I think he may be right -- there's cool sound to be heard on Soundcloud as well. So here's some new stuff from my neglected Soundcloud feed.

I've been grooving to the damaged pop sound of Japan's Boys Age for a while now. Boys Age has a new 13 song album called Pangea available for free download (on Bandcamp, btw), but here's a song from that album from Soundcloud anyway:

Cool as always hip-hop from Mello Music Group and Apollo Brown:

From Now-Again Records, jazz/spoken word from either 1975, or 1980. World's Experience Orchestra only had two albums, one put out in '75 and the other put out in '80, and I'm not sure which one this was on. It's hep regardless:

African music from 1999, I guess, courtesy World Circuit Records:

Most anything from Burger Records is an easy share. Turns out they post a lot on Soundcloud and for some reason don't have much of a presence at all on Bandcamp:

Burger also has a podcast they're putting out on Soundcloud, which is cool. I haven't listened to all of this yet but I'm putting it here to do so:

From Total Punk Records:

And finally, courtesy Relapse Records, this was originally released in 1998, and then re-issued in 2008. I dunno why it's new on Soundcloud, but it's pretty rad:

Saturday, February 27, 2016


1981 was a solid year for crazy experimental post-punk, damaged pop and general weirdo rock and roll. Some amazing person has brought together a 9 disc box set of completely radical tunes from the year. MX-80, PIL, Gang Of Four, The Clean and many more! Dig it. The Complete '1981' Box Set

Friday, February 26, 2016

Cassette Revival!?

If you thought the new CNQ podcast was fancy, I'm pleased to announce Clean Nice Quiet is doubling down on fancy with the addition of old time buddy Kale Ogle to CNQ as creative director, blog contributor, and general purveyor of with-itness and heptacality. We've got some cool stuff planned for CNQ so stay tuned.

I've been resisting it for a while but Kale's convinced me to get back into cassette tapes. I ordered my first one in forever a few weeks ago -- Wondercat's Ocean Maniacs, put out by GutterLoon Records in Florida. It's 9 songs worth of outsider gold. Here's their rad cover of Icona Pop's Then We Kiss:

I'd never heard of Icona Pop before, but apparently they're a thing. So I guess I'm not that cool.

Anyway, in honor of the resurgence of the cassette tape, here's new stuff available on that format via Bandcamp. First up is a song off the debut album from Cincinnati's Bummer's Eve. I've been following them since they put out a 2 song 7" last year. The new self-titled is also available on vinyl and CD. This song rules:

This is 3 live songs from a band called Teenage Chainsaw, off a 24 band live compilation called Live at Second Empire Philadelphia, put out by Philly's Mace Canister Recordings, which is new to me.

Mexican punk on a Canadian label called Runstate Tapes:

Also from Runstate:

More punk from Canada:

Distorted d-beat hardcore from Italy:

Beautiful & Disturbing

Patrick Flegel, formerly of Women, has an incredibly cool and weird record available from CCQSK Records. Check the whole album worth of super haunting tunes via Dropbox here.

Monday, February 22, 2016

New Heavy.

I hope the few of you who keep up with CNQ have been enjoying the podcasts so far. I've been having a lot of fun making those and suspect I'll keep it up for a while. I've fallen way behind on posting new stuff from bands and labels I follow on bandcamp. Here's a quick mix of a few things from January. If you're into it, click on it. The next two songs are from Canada's Deranged Records:

Tramp Records is killing it, bringing to light so much cool stuff:

This is the heaviest. Just listen to the whole thing -- what else have you got going on?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Clean Nice Quiet Episode #4

Underground punk, hip-hop, electronic, and more obscure stuff from the CNQ record vault!

Mirage 512: “Babylon Lullaby” (2016)
Discipline: “Satan Loves Me This I Know” (2015)
Scumraid: “Chattering Teeth” (2016)
Bobby Freeman: “C’Mon and Swim Part 2” (1964)
Ultimo Resorte: “Violencia” (1982)
The Pooh Sticks: “Teenage High” (1989)
Vukovar: “Concrete” (2015)
The Tubed Giaco One Man Band: “Hardcore Surf” (2016)
Pavel Chekov: “Proprietor” (2016)
Liquid Skullz: “No Soul” (2016)
Ippu Mitsui: “Dodedin Odori” (2016)
Annie and the Station Orchestra: “Heavy Artillery Ward” (2016)
Amadeo and His Indian Harps: “The Grasshopper (El Cigarron)” (1963)
Korla Pandit: “Tone Power!” (1979)
Sunk: “Weight” (2016)
 mommy: “Pitied and Pretty” (2015)
 Nose, featuring Young Deuce: “Trill Shit” (2015)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Two New Punk Songs From Bandcamp

Skramz from Austria:

Garage-punk from California:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Clean Nice Quiet Episode #3!

New podcast episode! You can find it on whatevs podcast app you use, or itunes, or listen here.

Bully: “Six” (2015)
Future Death: “Trickin” (2016)
Mesa Cosa: “Why Yo Ya Ya Ya (Noise Edition)” (2014)
Punch: “They Don’t Have To Believe” (2014)
Electrocutioner: “Pig Slaughter” (2014)
ConeTrauma: “Baby” (2014)
The Fails: “Walking and Waiting” (1994)
The Premiers: “Get On This Plane” (1968)
Alfonso Ramos y su Orchestra: “El Sonsonete” (1973)
Robert Pollard: "Subspace Biographies" (1998)
Andrew Thomson: “Buss Pass” (2013)
Single Mothers: “Motorbikes and Epitaphs” (2014)
Ausmuteants: “Dump the Dumpers” (2015)
The Rock Steady Crew: “(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew” (1983)
Elizabeth Cotten: “Shake Sugaree” (1980s? released 2004)
The Shaggs: “You’re Something Special To Me” (1968 or ‘69)
Schizo Fun Addict: “Her Name Is Love” (2015)
The Bordellos: “I May Be Reborn” (2015)
Lucille Bogan: “Till The Cows Come Home” (recorded sometime in the early 30s